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  1. shiftysamurai

    [Build Log] Shifty G5/mATX Conversion

    Time Warp! Have the MacPro all finished up and it has been sitting beside my entertainment center for the past year acting as gaming rig, Twitch streaming station, house-wide media server, and DAMNED COOL case. I seriously want to thank everyone who had a hand in helping me with this. From the people who wrote extensive info on how it could be done, to the guys who wrote extensive help when I ran into issues. I could not be happier to have completed this.
  2. shiftysamurai

    G5 Mod, is it worth it?

    Since finishing my G5, it looks perfectly normal and unassuming, and ironing out the "issues" with some crazy memory, it has sat beside my entertainment center through multiple moves, and it gets nothing but compliments. I also get the pride in knowing that I took a broken, gutted, and "rotting" case and made it useful once again. These cases are beauties. If you have have the time, energy, and funds to sink into it, and you take your time and learn from some of the awesome people who have gone before, then you'll end up with something you can be proud of, and not just another PC case.
  3. shiftysamurai

    My own Hackintosh G5 Mod

    Anything happen with this since the first post?
  4. shiftysamurai

    When your job hands you a G5...

    Make a plexi case for it in the correct dimensions. Also, I've been AWOL from here for a while as well. Glad to see some builds going on/have gone on while I was away.
  5. shiftysamurai

    Laserhive conversion kit question

    I bought the original kit. Works great, easiest (by far) part of the project.
  6. shiftysamurai

    Minihack - a slightly different G5 case mod.

    I'm gonna have to send you a PM regarding some prototypes. Your pieces always turn out so nice, and that side panel has me REALLY thinking about some changes I would like to make to my box. As well as some different/custom inner pieces/drive bays. On Topic: I really like the direction this is heading.
  7. shiftysamurai

    [Build Log] Shifty G5/mATX Conversion

    It's weird, because the packaging, and even the listing on NewEgg says "this memory must use 1.25" and that voltage didn't work for me during certain situations. I've not yet (knock on wood) had another freeze or lockup by using 20% more power than spec'd. Now I can continue with the finishing of this mod! Super special thanks to Mr. D, he did what he could to save my bacon, helluva guy.
  8. shiftysamurai

    [Build Log] Shifty G5/mATX Conversion

    Well, I have what MIGHT be good news. One of my coworkers, upon hearing my problem, says: "Man, I hate G.Skill. I'm not surprised you're having problems. The last set I had was full of s#%t about the voltage". After that I bumped MY G.Skill RAM from 1.25v to 1.50v. Not yet had any more problems after hours of testing. I guess my 20+/hr Memtest wasn't stressing it enough? Most likely picking up some low-profile Corsair RAM next week, and will probably not go with G.Skill again. Anyhow, random comment made in passing seems to have save the day.
  9. shiftysamurai

    [Build Log] Shifty G5/mATX Conversion

    Brought my PC to work. After 4 days of looking into the problem the IT department has decided that it "must be software based" even though it occasionally crashes on the BIOS screen.
  10. shiftysamurai

    [Build Log] Shifty G5/mATX Conversion

    Update #38 - Bad News: Bought a TX750 that I couldn't really afford. Bad News 2: Still get the crashes. Good News: I can take the TX750 back? Good News 2: I like the look of the modular better? Today's Lesson: My computer is the devil and I can't figure this out.
  11. shiftysamurai

    [Build Log] Shifty G5/mATX Conversion

    We'll be partners. Everything made in Brazil. Don't know if that will save us money. I HAVE been shocked by my case a few times, but it's metal and the floor is carpet. :/
  12. shiftysamurai

    [Build Log] Shifty G5/mATX Conversion

    The El Cheapo mobo is going to be returned for an El Cheapo PSU. I will gladly listen to some "I told you so"s if that means this PC is working right. I mean, come on, I still have a lot of finishing to do with the bak panel, but I'm not gonna spend a lot of time on that until it's actually running stable. Note to self: One more thing to consider. Grounding. Make sure to check it.
  13. shiftysamurai

    [Build Log] Shifty G5/mATX Conversion

    I've switched it about 5 times, but I never use the same thermal compound... I easily could have messed it up more than once, but I would like to think that at least ONE out of five would have been good/even coverage. I've also gamed the {censored} out of some of my titles (BioShock and TombRaider!) with no issue, heat stayed at 35-40c at some extreme settings. The GPU temp went up a bit though. (79c in Furmark). The only really crappy part is that I can't connect more than one SATA drive to my old PSU, as it's a BIT on the old side (350w P4 PSU from about 1999), and there is no way I would be able to power my GPU. This thing has a 20-pin and a 4-pin, so I could boot up the system, but all I would be able to run is CPU, RAM, and one SATA drive.
  14. shiftysamurai

    [Build Log] Shifty G5/mATX Conversion

    I just get the random (and vague): Windows Kernel event ID 41 error "The system has rebooted without cleanly shutting down first" With no more information in the log (that I can see).
  15. shiftysamurai

    [Build Log] Shifty G5/mATX Conversion

    I ran the CPU through Intel's Diagnostic Tool, and it all came back fine... Is there another test I can use?