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  1. Radeon HD 5650 - 10.12.3 - LVDS won't work

    Problem solved with a custom EDID, the original won't work. Custom personalities and Hoolock work well !
  2. Radeon HD 5650 - 10.12.3 - LVDS won't work

    No change, it's like the original 0x68c11002 id : Hoolock and Langur give only a set of blue gliches.
  3. Radeon HD 5650 - 10.12.3 - LVDS won't work

    Ok, it's a black screen for me. The Hoolook personalities worked perfectly on Mountain Lion.
  4. Radeon HD 5650 - 10.12.3 - LVDS won't work

    I've tried all the peronalities. I got HDMI and VGA working with some others, but never LDVS.
  5. Hello ! I can't get my Radeon HD 5650 working with LVDS. All was fine in ML but not in Sierra. This card have 3 connectors : 1 VGA 1 HDMI + 1 LVDS VGA and HDMI works fine with Hoolock FB and all my patches I've tried, but not LVDS. I use Clover r4035, with Ati injection, EDID injection and I patch AMD5000Controller manually with iHex. I've tried both Duallink 0/1 and patch vbios true/false. The default Hoolock FB : All patches I've tried : Most of the combinaisons have been tested. ControlFlag 4000 give a black screen with no backlight. 0005 and 0001 give black screen with backlight. Sometime permutes of hotplugs flags break HDMI and VGA. Here redsock_bios_decoder result : Here radeon_bios_decode : And my config.plist : Thanks ;-)