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  1. Well I made a small change that will set hard coded FSB, when using Chameleon here, not sure about other EFI bootloaders / configurations - I know it is a dirty workaround, shame on me. You are right about part of the code. Especially the used hacks at tsc calculation code are pretty deprecated and need serious rework, done by someone with the necessary skills and understanding. InfiniteMac Forum...The latest domain meanwhile leads to another OSx86 website, but no real matter. Man see; it will be realy great if you are going release a Kernel that will adress the above issues, but ...it would be even more great, if everyone could have a look at the changes, learn from comparing, make own adjustments, etc. It was the initial release of ToH Kernel source code, that made the development of Voodoo Kernel with all it's advantages possible back in time. This decission has enabled all the progress on xnu development, that has been made until today. It has always been the product of the contribution of many people. As another example; the development of opemu - a product of communication - just read back this thread. I think there are no doubts, the state of development could be much further, if the involved people would behave differntly....
  2. Out of curiosity What's the problem you are adressing with your release? If it is not graphics drivers? Anyway I already expressed my opinion on keeping things closed to you on another hackintosh forum, 404 by now... I don't see any lack of function except of graphics for my hardware configuration. In addtion: I don't like using hacks I cannot comprehend on my system - another disadvantage of someone developing things closed source. With all due respect for your work - specially the intial Lion xnu patch... ...you think you have the solitary permission, to work on this? How mad... Gloryious times of OSx86 community are gone anyway... ...there are things more fun in computing these days...
  3. I used to compile xnu from 10.8.3 source tree using the patch Sinetek released publicly at https://meklort.com/~sinet3k/opemu/ I have added my favourite tweaks & Sinetek decryption routine. Dont Steal Mac OS X.kext is black listed. Working very well on my FX configuration using Chameleon svn, with just VoodooHDA & RealtekRTL81xx for hardware support. Download is included if anyone wants it, still primarily made for my usage... sinetek_fx_fixed_decrypt_10_8_3.zip
  4. AMD FX Kernel

    This particular Kernel is build using the patch Sinetek made publicly avaible, but build using xnu-2050.18.24 from 10.8.2 source tree. It adds two lines, that will set a default FSB value if the bootloader (precisely Chameleon) does not, as a value of zero will cause instant reboot. I recently compiled a similiar Kernel from 10.8.3 tree as well. This also contains Sineteks binary decryption routine, that wasn't part of the previous Kernel & has Dont Steal Mac OS X.kext beeing black listed. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ggewgv6rtr9nyk1/sinetek_fx_fixed_decrypt_10_8_3.zip Keep in mind, that I am doing this for MY OWN usage. There might be better support for other AMD Kernel floating around.
  5. I am using /System/Library/Extensions/ATIRadeonX3000* instead of /System/Library/Extensions/AMDRadeon* ...to be considered a temporary work around.
  6. Well accerlation in general works - I can play Neverball etc. But few core features appear to be problematic using the old driver as Dashboard isn't working properly. (I rather think this is a compatibility issue with the more recent Frameworks...) I just tried with the 10.7.3 files. It is the latest official build that shipped with ATIRadeonX3000 instead of AMDRadeonAccelator. But there seams to be no difference...
  7. I made some small progress... My HD6570 works on Mountain Lion without glitches using IOAccelator driver from Snow Leopard 10.6.8... This will need some more work, maybe we can patch the current drivers...
  8. It does for me. *edit* try to install boot0 and boot1h manualy...
  9. Clover does stay here _ as well. I fixed the Chamelon boot on FX by setting a default FSB value of 200Mhz in case the bootloader fails - see [AMD] Working Builds! - work around for the moment.
  10. Need Help finding a GPU

    He says low-profile...There is one by Powercolor - I just checked that. But as he says low-profile it should be a GX620 series Desktop computer. If going for the "Powercolor HD 5770 Low-Profile" the author should pedantic check the measurements in his fish-tin... http://reviews.cnet....7-31420314.html The cooler could tangle with the hard drive bay... XD I am not sure if a Radeon is an option here at all, as the topic has been placed in nVidia subforum, but I am using some cheap HIS HD6570 low-profile card, working great on 10.6.8 / 10.7.5 & 10.8.2 - if you are just looking for a compatible replacement for your onboard graphics....
  11. That man deserves plain appreciation, for all his brilliant work. I am building from the diff he published, built in decryptor wasn't part of that. Works. Thanks for pointing that out.
  12. You did not understand, me. There is a blacklist function in the Kernel patch, that can prevent any kext (mentioned in src) from beeing loaded, so you do not need to delete any files / can leave your installation untouched. Anyway, it was only a side note, I just like keeping things straightforward and simple. I would like even better, having decryption moved to the Kernel... Andy?^^
  13. Nice one !! For me the way better solution over FakeSMC. I think this deserves more attention. Does great on my AMD machine. 10.8.2, Chameleon r2171, AppleDecrypt installed into /E/E I have com.apple.Dont_Steal_Mac_OS_X blacklisted via Kernel.
  14. [AMD] Working Builds!

    Mountain Lion 10.8.2 running nicely here. AMD FX 4100 I remade the XNU source patch by Sinetek. It fixes boot on AMD FX using Chameleon Bootloader / bypasses non-working FSB detection. it also has shutdown and reboot fix Download via attachment / includes source code. MSI 760GM-P23 Bootloader: Chameleon 2.2svn RTL8111E / RealtekRTL81xx.kext ALC887 / VoodooHDA ATI Radeon HD4650 working with QE / CI enabled Only application with small display bugs, I noticed, is Firefox. [th] (I am using ML about 3-4 days with intense - have not tried much yet!) AMD Radeon HD6570 unusable due to heavy distortions / replaced with above sinetek_fx_fixed-2050.18.24.zip
  15. Help with ATI SATA device id 1002:4394

    You could check Contents/Info.plist for your device ID, "lspci -nn" will tell you on Linux ...maybe post here.