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  1. I tried installing this driver but keep getting an installation error (doesn't say what -- just that it failed to install). I had a previous version of the Ensoniq driver installed. Could that be an issue? TIA. [Edit] BTW, I'm running OSX 10.6.2 under VMware 7.
  2. FYI (and for others experiencing this) I found out what was causing this problem. I had changed my default video mode by modifying the Boot.plist file as many sites recommend. VMTools did not like this one bit. I removed this change and the tools installed without a hitch. And the nice thing is that after the tools are installed, the Displays applet now lists all the standard OSX video modes and you can easily change mode from within OSX.
  3. Leoul, Thanks but this didn't work for me. Tried all sorts of combinations of the auto-fit and "fit now" options and same thing. Thanks, Flave.
  4. I just followed your lead here -- did exactly the same thing and it worked beautifully! Thanks! One question though. When I install the VMware Tools (from the ISO as you suggest), my screen goes screwy (only half screen high with the contents all skewed -- kinda like an old TV with the horizontal hold all screwed up). Fortunately I had made a snapshot as the screen was completely unusable. Did you do anything special to successfully install the VM Tools?