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  1. rebelj12a

    HP Mini 110-1131DX - Ethernet troubles

    Older kernel did not work however now following this tutorial. http://osxmini.wordpress.com/os-x-install-guide/ Still get hanging at the MAC Framework initialized.
  2. My kernels are panicking and im not even making popcorn D:

  3. rebelj12a

    hp mini troubles

    Well first off, a simple google search will help you alot. There a bunch of tutorials on iDeneb v1.3. You probably did not initially partition the drive correctly. Id wipe the drive completely clean then use the restore tab in Disk Utility to then restore the iDeneb Partition to the Flash drive. You could also go the Terminal route. I feel safer doing this anyways since it overwrites the entire drive all nice and clean like. After formatting drive > Open Terminal > use command sudo su > As sudoer type : diskutil list > Note the disk your system has registered your usb as (you'll need that later) > Heres the syntax dd if=/path/to/file of=/dev/disk* Here lets make it easy > Type dd if= Then drag the iso with iDeneb v1.3 over into terminal (The system should automatically add a space) > type of= then path to disk i told you to save earlier (also a side note* make sure you have the right disk or you will totally nuke that drive XD) It will take a while and it wont display much during this time. So be patient go have a snack or something hah. It will take a long time. Once its done, its done and the usb drive will be remounted to the system with iDeneb v1.3 successfully written to it. I prefer the terminal way because i feel safer doing so, since well I like command line alot more, plus it does a full overwrite of the drive in question and since iDeneb generally comes in an ISO you dont have a problem verifying said iso in Disk Utility Gui. Hope that helps some!
  4. rebelj12a

    kernel panic on hp mini 110

    Once you get a working OS I highly recommend Carbon Copy cloner or something similar for "saving your progress" as it were, that way you always have a backup to fallback to.
  5. I was wondering if anyone ran into this problem. Ive been trying to install 10.6 retail on my Hp Mini 110-1131DX. Obviously based on forum posts i've read WIFI isnt going to work without another card, thats fine. However, even the ethernet isnt working and I've seen reports of it working with the HP Mini110. AtherosL1cEthernet kext seemed the best route, however it still is not working. Then again, i am running it off my Macbook Pro Internet sharing since I do not currently have fast internet. Therefore i was wondering if there was a fix for this at 10.6 retail without combo updating, or will this sort it out when I apply the combo update, or will this work once I get proper internet and networking set up. i also read it worked just fine on OSX Leopard 10.5.8 However ive been having difficulties getting that installed (attempting to take this at two angles) Keeps hanging up at MAC Framework successfully initiated Using 10485 buffer headers and 4096 cluster IO buffer headers. Not sure what the issue is here, using iDeneb v1.6 Lite. Which there are no tutorials on. However with proper kexts this shouldnt be a problem. ACPI fix on this one and cpu=1 fix as found in another forum however still the same results. Ill post some of the notes about this particular HP Mini which might help. Intel GMA 950 Ethernet Atheros AR8132 Fast Ethernet DevID:1062 VenID:1969 I have the Mac Address as well which I have heard i may need to patch the UUID however i have not gotten that far, was going to try that with OSX Leopard iDeneb install Broadcom Wifi BCM 4312 (Hell i have the notes why not post it) Audio - Intel Corp. NMIO/ICH7 Dev:8086 Ven: 27d8 CPU - Intel Corp Mobile CPU N270 @ 1.60ghz 945 GSE Express Memory Controller Dev:8086 Ven:27ac Graphics Controller ven 27ae (Theres kexts for these I know of) 945 GM GMS GME, 943/940 GML Ven:27a6 Hardware: Processor - 1.67ghz L2 Cache - 512kb Mem - 2gb Bus SPeed 533 Mhz Graphics: Intel GMA Vram 64mb shared Bios Version: F.17 Thanks for the help in advance. (Side note, usb linking my iphone internet sharing to the HP Mini 110 is not working either) *edit found this here http://osxmini.wordpress.com/tag/hp-mini-sleep-fix Going to try to use an older kernel ill get back to you on that.