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  1. Hi lejenk the last dsdt that you post, have the nvidia enabled again, i dont know if i do something wrong or if is other dsdt, on this moment i delete all the nvda kext and the geforce kexts or i only put the other dsdt that you post?
  2. ok i test you dsdt all is working ok , the gpu is disabled, but when i put the pc on sleep mode and try to awake this, this halts on a black screen and dont show anything i dont know if it only is for me or if it happend to others
  3. finally i can boot in normal mode thanks for everything and special thanks for lejenk, i do again the steps that you give me and it works amazing very thanks for all your support
  4. ok, very thanks i try to do that and is the same and i cant boot with GraphicsEnabler=NO when i try to do that , when the boot is starting it show me a kernel panic(and the problem of the "boot cache control" ) in this moment i only can enter to iatkos with -x (safe boot) and i dont know why what can i do to enter in normal mode
  5. Hi i am a new user here i hope that you can help me and sorry for my English i have an dell 7720 SE when i installed the iatkos ml2 ,it was already installed win 7 in my laptop i perform a partition and format it in htfs+ and i installed iatkos well in the instalation everything was good but when it finished and i want try to boot iatkos, it show me a kernel panic i try to boot with -v and show me this (attached image) after that i try to boot with GraphicsEnabler=No because i read that the problem of "boot cache control" is because the graphics have a problem and when i do it i only have a kernel panic again after all, i can boot, but only in safe mode i edit the device properties to recognize the hd 4000 and it is recognized, but until today i have a kernel panic in normal boot i dont know what more do, can you help me with this problem