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  1. HP DV7 USB Not Recognized

    Dear All, I'm using this guide (many thanks, by the way) and I'm having trouble at Part 3 ("Installing OSX"). When I plug my USB flash drive into my HP DV7 and set USB hard drive to the top priority in BIOS, the computer still does not recognize that the USB is plugged in. I have already replaced the necessary files as of step 2d ("A note for those wishing to boot OS X and Windows on the same HDD") and I'm puzzled. Also, on my other computer (motherboard is EVGA ), if the USB flash drive is plugged in during boot, the computer freezes and never makes it past boot. Might there be something wrong with the flash drive? I have it formatted as GUID (which I thought was necessary) -- should I redo the whole process and format the flash drive as MBR? I'm totally open to formatting my hard drives in order for this installation to work! Thanks a bunch!