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  1. Your post is untrue and it's galling because so many people say the same thing without bothering with the facts. Steve Jobs licensed the technology for mouse and graphical user interface from Xerox Parc. No Apple did not invent the mouse and gui but they were the first to bring it to the masses. This is an example of copying or stealing a great idea but doing it in a legal way. The same approach has been applied to iPhone, iPad and all their devices. No, Apple did not invent the touch screen or the camera, or the app store, but they licensed the technology and were the first to bring it to the masses in one slick easy to use package. What Samsung did was clearly copying. They had executive emails wondering what would happen because they knew they were infringing. The reason why Apple has a hard time winning in other parts of the world is because the rest of the world has a different take on things. Their courts look at what the Patent Offices in the U.S. are granting and laugh their a**** off. Copying is not the same in China, Russia, or Spain as it is in the U.S. In those countries, if you make a copy of a CD it's like no big deal, who cares? In the US the RIAA will send a drone over to your house and have you executed on the spot. That's the difference. If you can sue McDonald's because your coffee is too hot, who is to say Apple can't sue for patent infringement? You see people in China suing McDonald's because their coffee was too hot? You see people in London suing Starbucks because they spilled hot coffee on their lap? In other countries you are responsible for your own actions, in the U.S. it's different. Incidentally I think Samsung did copy Apple but Apple has no choice but to try to defend their turf. My Galaxy S2 just looks like an iPhone, icons and all. It's a business decision. If you know your competitor is copying do you just sit there idly by while the rest of the world beats you over the head with a hammer you created? I don't mind the lawsuits if they have some merits, and I think Apple's case clearly has some merits. Apple isn't suing Samsung just for the sake of suing them like Samsung tries to do with Apple with their counter-suits. Apple isn't in the business of wasting their time. Their devices have no doubt changed the world and I can't wait to see what's next. Again, another galling article that is taken out of context. Foxconn, (or Hon Hai) the company that is building Apple's iPhones and iPads is a huge company. They have over 700,000 people employed and living on the premises. That's larger than most U.S. cities. If you have a population of 700k+ you will have suicides because any city of 700k will have suicides. Everyone has personal problems. Because they live, eat, and work all in the same place, it's no surprise if they gonna commit suicide it's gonna be at work. As for your link many of the stories online are completely fabricated: http://news.yahoo.co...-175638428.html "American Life" actually retracted their story and issued an apology after it turned out much of the information about Apple's factories were in fact, untrue. Fact of the matter is, if you followed up on these stories you'd find that much of the time they are made up. This guy Mike Daisey deserves to be punished for his lies. He made an effort to gain himself some notoriety by making up false stories about Apple. There's no doubt in my mind that there are scores of other people just like this scum. People are pushing these stories around and there's no truth to them whatsoever.