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  1. shaun5380

    Dell optiplex 745 successful 10.9 install

    sadly i stuffed it all up by trying to update (hey no one got n e were without trying!!!) lol and im moving so computer will have to wait till im settled in!
  2. shaun5380

    Dell optiplex 745 successful 10.9 install

    strangely enuff i spent many hours trying to get ML up and going.... i never succeeded!! the best i could get was 10.7.5 with full QE/CI working, imovie n iphoto all working. i have a feeling it may have had something to do with the execute disable bit option in bios, although at this stage i happy to stick with 10.9 DP1 as its almost fully working! will try with just 2x2GB sticks thanks for the reply mate
  3. shaun5380

    Dell optiplex 745 successful 10.9 install

    thanks mate! i am having a little trouble now that its up and running...... random freezing.... im guessing thats maby because of my ram? im pretty new to the hackintosh scene.... i read some where that random freezing can be caused by faulty ram. the ram im using is 2x 1 GB optiplex 745 ram and 2x2Gb 800mhz ram... could the fluctuation in the rams Mhz cause the freezing? thanks in advance
  4. hey guys just a heads up, i have a dell optiplex 745 specs: core 2 quad q6700 1tb seagate harddrive 450w ATX power supply 6Gb DDR2 Ram @ 800mhz HIS ATI Radeon HD 5450 1gb DDR3 Graphics card (working with full QI/CE)!!!!! onboard ethernet onboard sound i have a complete install of 10.9 working (iCloud, app store, iMessage, ethernet, sound- thru line out only---all working) haven't tested- sleep if n e one with a dell optiplex 745 computer needs any tips on getting the newest 10.9 up and running just give me a shout! shaun
  5. shaun5380

    Webcam issue (bad detected?)

    my webcam (creative live! cam VF0760) is now picked up as isight inbuilt, via editing info.plist file in anyisight.kext but no camera access via skype?? any help would b appreciated!! cheers!