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  1. GTX 480 Over 70C idle at desktop - ML 10.8.2

    Hi, I used ##### to change the system definition to iMac 12,2. Never used iAktos but i'm sure you wouldn't have any problems using ##### with that.
  2. GTX 480 Over 70C idle at desktop - ML 10.8.2

    Sorted it by changing the system definition to iMac 12,2 and then using the kext from here: http://blog.thireus.com/guide-hackintosh-install-macos-mountain-lion-10-8-on-asus-sabertooth-p67-in-3-steps Now the graphics card properly down clocks to 50MHz when not in use, idle temps are now under 50C which is great.
  3. Asus GT210

    Try PCIRootUID=0 on it's own. If that doesn't work try the opposite, PCIRootUID=1.
  4. Hi, My graphics card is reaching over 70C temps when I am doing nothing, just sat at the desktop! It actually stays at exactly 72C and sometimes reaching 73C, it isn't just an error reading the temperature I can feel the hot air coming out of the graphics card it is actually hot. In Windows the graphics card will idle around 40 to 44 degrees, so there is something seriously wrong. Any ideas?