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  1. Nice work on this one. Had the same problem on my Acer Aspire 5630 after i changed to the Dells BCM4311 from the Intel3945. I fixed that with a piece of tape on pin 23. Don't remember where i found that solution, but it worked ever since, except not being able to use the enable/disable switch. EDIT: Just tried that IOPCIFamily.kext and didn't work at all for me even if i removed the tape. And that was pin 20, not 23. Found the original post here.
  2. JaS 10.5.4 GMA 900/950 & PS/2 workaround

    Hey guys What you mean with "blue screen of death"? All you need to do is plug in an external screen and you can install it. I did that, but i can't get it to work even after install so i'm gonna try use the gma950.kext you poseted here.
  3. Graphics update

    I think it's the graphical update that does it if you have GMA950 as discussed in this thread. I'm having the same problem, and i didn't back up the AppleIntelIntergratedFramebuffer.kext.
  4. Broadcom bcm43xx wireless driver [beta]

    What do you mean no way to have internet with a bcm43xx in Leopard? My new dell 1490 (with bcm4311 chip, dev id 4312) is working fine in both Tiger and Leopard. Only problem i had after changing to it was that it is a mini pci-express and i have a "soft" hardware switch on my computer (acer aspire 5633WMLi). It was showing up as a thirdparty wireless card with the wireless icon apperaing in the upper right corner but i could not see any networks. Solved that one by taping over pin 20 on the card. Now it's workinf perfectly.
  5. Hey guys. Just thought up a way of using my unsupported wifi usbstick with OSX. Using XP (or any other OS with support for your usbstick) in Parallels Desktop and ICS i managed to get on my wifi with OSX. Disable the dhcp under preferences-network-shared networking in parallels desktop, setup your wifi usbstick in your guest OS (install drivers, programs), share your wifi, and you should be up and running. You should now see in System preferences under network that your Parallels NAT network card have gotten an ip in the network 192.168.0.x. It works fine for me like this, hope this might help you too. Best regards Patrik PS. Just tested using bridging which also works, probably better since it puts you in the same ip range.
  6. [Guide] Dell Precision m4300

    is that wireless network card working? need to get another one for my Acer aspire, got a crappy intel in it.
  7. PrismGT working: release!

    10.5 would be nice, and WPA.
  8. My True "hack"intosh Wireless Solution

    Read in another topic here about the mini pci-e problem and someone mentioned a solution by taping over pin 20 to make sure that the card is powered all the time. I have an Acer Aspire 5630-5633WLMI with an intel card so i haven't been able to use it at all in OSX. I have noticed though that it seem to have both a mini pci-e (currently housing the intel card) and a free mini pci. I'm guessing that the free slot is for the bluetooth/3G card that is available. Considering to find an OSX compatible wireless card and try it out
  9. apple software upgrade: will it work?

    Hey guys Just did an install with iAtkos today on my Acer Aspire 5630. It got GMA950, realtek alc883, ICH-7, C2D@1,66GHz, broadcom 440 network, intel 3945 wireless (not working). Running kernel 9.1.0 with pc_efiv8, GUID. Got Tiger 4.11 on the first partition and Leo 5.1 on the second. Ran all updates from apple on both of them and it all works fine. Looking to get sleep to work when closing the lid now. Got some minor graphical artifacts when moving the cursor, for example it doesn't change back from hand to pointer or the opposite but that's just in Leo. So atleast to me it seem to work with updates from apple and the vanilla kernel.
  10. To all Asus P5N-E SLI Users

    Hey Recently got this mobo, it's very nice with the E6600 and a nvidia 8600GT videocard. I tried several different osx versions, none of them wants to boot from the dvd, just gives me kernel panic with the "unable to find drivers for this platform: "ACPI"". None of you had this problem? Best regards Patrik
  11. Well i must say it's been an interesting 8 pages to read. But does it really matter what you say? And yes, i've been with it all the way since System 6. Anyone that knows what Mac OS X is knows that it is version 10, based on BSD. BSD-unix, 10-X I think they were pretty smart when they came up with that. I think i probably use both, but i'm never in contact with OS 9 or older anymore so sometimes i just say Mac OS because basically there is only one worth mentioning. And as some have mentioned, Mac OS X(ten) 10.4.8 sounds stranger then saying Mac OS X(ehks) 10.4.8. And i don't think we have to worry about OS 11, they will have different name for that one, if it will even come out.
  12. 10.4.6 intel stops at blue screen

    Hey man Dunno if you fixed your problem, but i got the same after updating from 10.4.3 to 10.4.6. I realised after i rebooted on the cd that i missed the patches. I needed the sse2 patch on the cd. After that it worked fine. Try with jas patch.
  13. Hey guys, i solved it by making two more partitions out of my 20GB harddrive where i have OSX installed, moved everything from the Applications-folder to one of them and everything in the Users-folder to the other, mounted the partitions as /Applications and /Users and voila, you have 6GB for system, 6GB for Users and 6GB for applications. Create the "fstab"-file in /etc, don't have it in my head right now hat i put in it, but you can check with "man fstab" and figure it out, or i'll get back with how it looks after i've checked it tomorrow if anyone is interested. I had to repair permissions and stuff since i copied the folders as root so root was the owner of all files, but i got it working. Of course you don't need to choose these two folders, i guess the system folder would be a good choice too. Good luck if anyone tries it.