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  1. It boots and as far as I can tell dsdt-coprocessor.v6 is working perfectly. Again thank you for all your hard work. I wouldn't have a fully functional 10.8 install without your help.
  2. bcc9 your alt2-dsdt.zip files worked. Everything is working now. I'm not exactly sure where I went wrong but after reading your post I went back and looked over everything in ioreg. Everything you said that should be in there was in there. So I decided to just start from scratch. So I redid my usb installer and reinstalled everything over again. After following your guide the second time and using the DSDT-alt2 everything is working. Sorry, "NVidia Geforce 9400M G" was a typo on my part. It does infact say "NVidia GeForce 9400M G" Here you go. Hope this is what you need. DSDTv4 ( Laptop sitting with screen on - not running anything ) START: 3:45pm @100% battery STOP: 5:30pm @7% battery Total :: 105 mins. DSDTv5 ( Laptop sitting with screen on - not running anything ) START: 7:53pm @100% battery STOP: 10:06pm @7% battery Total :: 133 mins. I know you've done tutorials for OS X on this laptop for a while now ( Without you we wouldn't be running this great OS on our laptops ) so I hope you don't mind me asking but will you be doing a tutorial on OS X Mavericks? If not then that's cool I just thought I'd ask. Thank You for this tutorial and for helping me out!
  3. not using GraphicsEnabler. would you mind pointing me in the right direction to find the string in ioregistry? thanks Edit: Very sorry, I'm new to hackintosh. I'm a long time Windows user. Anyway, Im looking in ioregistry and I see .. IGPU@0 model data <"NVidia Geforce 9400M G"> I also just looked in About This Mac>Graphics/Displays and it says: "There was an error while gathering this information."
  4. Good news, I think we are making progress. Both DSDT's from alt2-dsdt.zip got me past [ PCI Configuration Begin ] but graphics are still at 1024 x 768. (9400M G + G210M) EDIT: no battery status. LID close detection works but when I open the laptop I see a black screen and I lose mouse function.
  5. I'm running the script from 10.8 $ sudo ./showbootermemorymap Type Physical Start Number of Pages available 0000000000000000 000000000000009d reserved 000000000009dc00 0000000000000002 reserved 00000000000d2000 0000000000000002 reserved 00000000000e4000 000000000000001c available 0000000000100000 000000000006fdc0 ACPI_recl 000000006fec0000 000000000000000f ACPI_NVS 000000006fecf000 0000000000000016 reserved 000000006fee5000 000000000000001b reserved 000000006ff00000 0000000000010000 reserved 000000007ff00000 0000000000000100 reserved 00000000e0000000 0000000000010000 reserved 00000000fec00000 0000000000000010 reserved 00000000fee00000 0000000000000001 reserved 00000000fff80000 0000000000000080 Still the same [ PCI Configuration begin ] hang Stupid Question: Could it be because I have only one 2gb stick of ram? The second stick gave out. ( also changed wireless card ) I would have no problem doing this for you but DSDT's still Hanging the system Please dont close the thread i'll give you as much feedback as I possibly can. I am hoping you can help me get this working. Any more suggestions will be appreciated.
  6. Hi, first would like to thank bcc9 for this great guide and all your hard work. I followed the guide "exactly" for my Mountain Lion install but no matter what I do I'm getting this [ PCI Configuration Begin ] hang when using DSDT.aml (I CAN boot without it) I also don't have this PCI hang on 10.6.3. I CAN'T use the dsdt-check.pl because when I run it I only get "Address space not recognized. Please post the output from showbootermemorymap" so I tried both DSDT.aml / DSDT-alt.aml to no avail. I have also tried metamorphoise's metamorphoiseDSDT.zip .. I have been trying to get past this for more then a WEEK So if someone can help me out it would be greatly appreciated. I'll be waiting for someones response. THANKS Edit: I've tried npci=0x2000 log.zip