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    Dell inspiron 1520 Mac OS X Snow leopard (Won't Boot)

    UPDATED INFORMATION. Still having trouble with booting into the instillation.
  2. HEY EVERYONE! First off, sorry to post here! I'm having some trouble with my Dell Inspiron 1520 hackintosh (Won't Boot) I've installed Mac Iatkos snow leopard. when the installation has finished it just keeps on rebooting. I have partitioned the HDD to the extended journled. I'm not sure what's going on really.. been searching for hours on this forum and others but no answer, even tried youtube but nothing. I tried installing every bootloader to no success, in fact it was worth, it wouldn't even boot to the option of the start up. I'm not sure on what bootloader to choose for my machine, I know it works as a hackintosh because it's been done before, Can anybody help me with the settings to choose? Thanks in advance. xFreeRunnerx Specs: Dell inspiron 1520 RAM 1GB HDD 80GBG CPU: Intel Celeron M 1.8GHz
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    Introduce yourself.

    Yo, I'm xFreeRunnerx. I've came here to get help and hopefully help others out with hackintosh dell inspiron 1520. Peace out.