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  1. [GUIDE] HP Pavilion m6-1045dx (Mountain Lion)

    Yeah, finally after 3 or 4 myHack flash drives and a couple weird touchpad issues, I finally got Mac OS back on it. Time to do the kexts again. Thanks again btw for the pack.
  2. [GUIDE] HP Pavilion m6-1045dx (Mountain Lion)

    My battery monitor isn't working. I tried a couple kext's from google/osx86 and now I'm getting a KP stating I'm missing 2 files. I formatted my myHack flash drive for data transfers and don't have a mac nearby to create a new one. Is there any other repair methods? I have a .iso of ML, official disc of Snow Leopard, i_boot for 10.6 and i_boot for 10.8.
  3. [GUIDE] HP Pavilion m6-1045dx (Mountain Lion)

    M6-1045DX, bought a Dell 1702 because it's a AR5B195. Didn't realize that would be a big issue. I downloaded a kext from osx86 for the AR5B195, added my 168c and 2b and restarted. Wifi works now! Thanks a lot for the help and suggestions. Time to start working on the other bugs.
  4. [GUIDE] HP Pavilion m6-1045dx (Mountain Lion)

    I assume you're probably pulling the vendor and hardware ids with that command. I have a Dell model, Dell 1702 I think. Ven 168C DEV 002B Subsys 02051028 there was a revision but I didn't copy that down. Give me a second and I'll post what Ubuntu states.
  5. [GUIDE] HP Pavilion m6-1045dx (Mountain Lion)

    No dice. ssd to hdd with windows installed drivers turned them on and connected updated bios restarted wifi was on already, connected swapped hdd to ssd with mac no wifi adapter in network utilities or ability to add as interface F12 and FN+F12 make no change. I'm stumped. How do I get this damn thing to turn on? lol.
  6. [GUIDE] HP Pavilion m6-1045dx (Mountain Lion)

    Just tried it again. I even tried a couple from google searches from osx86net. I have a older Ubuntu 11.04 Live CD, I get a weird error during startup, but I connect to WiFi fine (even after off/on switch). I would imagine it would "save" it's "on" state to the BIOS on power off, but it doesn't shut down properly. It will eject the drive and hang on the purple-ish rosey screen (sorry, colorblind.) I've made a Ubuntu USB from 11.04 off of the usb-creator.exe located on the disc image, but that doesn't boot. I also tried making a bootable USB with UNetBootin pulling the latest Ubuntu distro and it again has failed to boot. I have the 750GB the HP came with, I guess I'll swap the HDD in place of my SSD just to get WiFi on and functioning, and then switch back to the SSD after a proper power off. edit: grammar. edit2: also, should I update my bios to latest supplied from HP while I'm at it? AKA, do you have it on and it's running properly?
  7. [GUIDE] HP Pavilion m6-1045dx (Mountain Lion)

    I am using the AR5B195. I edited my post after the fact to mention it, you probably just didn't notice my edit.
  8. [GUIDE] HP Pavilion m6-1045dx (Mountain Lion)

    Hm, having troubles getting Mac to recognize my wifi card. The light on F12 shows red, but when I boot a 11.04 Ubuntu CD the light is blue and I can connect to networks. I think the issue may stem from the OS not actually turning off when I hit Shut Down... AR5B195 btw.
  9. [GUIDE] HP Pavilion m6-1045dx (Mountain Lion)

    I was succesfull for all steps, however did not update to 10.8.2, get a wifi card, test sleep mode or sound. I give you my thanks, and will post again if I make any progress with USB.
  10. [GUIDE] HP Pavilion m6-1045dx (Mountain Lion)

    I would like to comment, that I registered and completed both "quizzes" to give you my thanks, for this post and dropbox link for your used kexts. I own an M6-1045DX I picked up from best buy as an EOL piece post Win8 release, and was interested in putting OSx86 due to it's Intel base. I put Snow Leopard on my Asus G71GX-RX05 (best buy model) without major hitch, and ran into some incompatibility issues with Snow Leopard and my Ivy Bridge in my HP. The only thing I've done was put a spare OCZ Agility 3 90GB ssd in my M6, everything else is stock. I'll report back when I convince my buddy to drive over with his macbook pro to make a myHack flash drive. I would also like to mention you can invert the action keys. Under System Configuration, Action keys. Disabled: Requires pressing Fn key + f1 through F12 to activate action keys Enabled: Requires pressing only f1 through f12 to activate action keys Not sure what this changes for the kext, but figured I'd make mention of it. I'm using bios rev 3.7 (not updating until I find out which one is ideal).