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  1. Q: Bluetooth mouse causing restart. I have a UX31A with 10.8.2. I bought a Targus BT Mouse for 30$. Each time i try to connect it to MAC it causes system restart. I have ApplePS2Controller kext 2.7.5[required by elan touchpad ] and bluetoothkext is latest. I am using native BT card. I mean i have not upgraded the intel wifi card yet to atheros. I can connect to BT speakers without issue. Why cant i connect to mouse. I am having following error in log. 8/19/13 11:58:36.000 AM kernel[0]: **** [AppleBluetoothHCIControllerUSBTransport][configurePM] -- ERROR -- waited 30 seconds and still did not get the commandWakeup() notification -- this = 0xffffff8010518000 **** IS this causing restart? I dont see this kext. Wht can i do to get the mouse working. Mani ! @ Rom1: Based on my understanding you need to replace the Intel WiCard with Atheros. The antenna connector is different though on atheros. You will have to add an additional antenna or try to cut the outer metal ring on the atheros card and then fix the current antenna with proper shielding. I dont think icloud fix will work to enable app store. You can ask experts since my knowledge is limited in these matters. FYI: This is on my todo list. I have ordered atheros card. plz refer to pg25 for atheros info or search in forum.
  2. This card should work .. http://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-Atheros-AR5B195-AR3011-WiFi-WLAN-Bluetooth-Combo-Half-Mini-PCI-E-Card-/251301371955?pt=US_Internal_Network_Cards&hash=item3a82baa033 Kext are available . plz chk pg 7-9 of this thread. This is how Intel 6235 looks like. http://wikidevi.com/wiki/Intel_Centrino_Advanced-N_6235 I am a little confused abt atheros. Are we supposed to swap the Intel card with atheros. I read there is a U.FL vs W.FL issue from Intel to atheros. Also that some folks were using 2 antennas. Can someone comment on the exact procedure to replace intel wit atheros. Dose it involve opening the lcd panel as well. Thx, Mani ! Th
  3. DId u find the answer to this question. Were u able to get iobuiltin=true for usb ethernet?
  4. I have a UX 31A ultrabook i5, HD400, 128GB SSD 10.8.2 ML Display at 1080p But my app store is not working:unknown error Problem is tht i dont have builtin ethernet and am using a usb adaptar for wifi. I also have apple USB ethernet adapter. But it is shown as IOBuiltin=False in networkinterfaces.plist I have tried multiple things. deleting networkinterfaces.plist and preferences.plist Generating hexid for usb host controller 1 where USB ethernet adapter is and inserting it in smbios.plist and boot.plist. But the adapter is still shown as IOBuiltin=False.I also have EthernetBuiltIN=Yes and PCIRootID=1 in SMBIOS.plist. Still ethernet is detected as not internal. Thts why app store is not working. My SMBIOS has valid serial for MAcbook Pro 9,2 HOw do i get correct hex string or get IOBuiltIN=True ? I have spent a week on this but no luck :wallbash: :wallbash: :wallbash:
  5. Clover General discussion

    /dev/disk0 SanDisk SSD U100 124GB Media | 124 GB | GUID_partition_scheme | View Disk Sectors DEVICE TYPE NAME SIZE PBR (Stage1) BootFile (Stage 2) UEFI BootFile disk0s1 EFI 209 MB disk0s2 Microsoft Reserved 134 MB disk0s3 Microsoft Basic Data OS 85 GB bootmgr(Windows Boot Manager) disk0s4 Apple_HFS U 37 GB boot(CloverR1000) boot3(CloverR1000) boot6(CloverR1000) DrawinDumper is showing the following. Clover is showing OSX and Windows vista in menu. OSX works. Windows is not booting. Clover is installed on disk0s1. Any ideas why windows 7 is not detected by clover?
  6. Clover General discussion

    Clover is not detecting Windows 7 . EFI partition is disk0s1 Windows is disk0s2 OS X is disk0s3 Only OSX is detected. HOw can i get clover to detect Windows 7. DO i need to add some files drivers64UEFI? I can see Windows partition [NTFS] when i boot into OSX but clover cannot detect windows 7. Any ideas why? UX31A OS X ML 10.8.2
  7. Hey Folks .. I got most of the thinks working with nhart12 kext. [Not DSDT] Have 1080p. UX31A running 10.8.2 Problems tht need urgent attention: App store unkown error: i Have read a lot of docs online on this regarding generating hex key. Problem is EFI Studio dose not recognize USB Ethernet. I used gfxutil to convert device-properties for Network controller to hex. http://wiki.michaelhan.net/index.php/Fixing_App_Store_error:_%22Your_device_or_computer_could_not_be_verified._Contact_support_for_assistance.%22 But hex string generated is small and dosent get rid of error nhart12 how or UX31 owners how did u get over this problem. Audio is still not working: Tried voodoo 2.7.3: i think its missing device ID. Any comments.[Apple HDA is deleted] Regarding DSDT/SSDT how do i know they are applied? When i place dsdt.aml in EFI/ACPI/patched system hangs at boot. DSDT and SSDT are in Extra folder and clover config is pointing to /Extra. USB3: need to look into this as my iphone is not detected by machine. Once i am done i will write a tuts for newbies. For now can anyone answer my Q.
  8. Newbee Q? How do we install/try DSDT. I copied DSDT into my Extra folder updated system to mac pro 8,1 and restarted. Getting error tht i should hit power button and restart system. Tried diff boot option even -s hangs Had to reinstall ML any suggestions
  9. Newbee Question. Can I install OS X 10.8.2 directly on my PC [i have a UX 31A Zenbook Prime] Since the install instructions are for 10.8.