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    I managed to update 10.9 to 10.10, keeping FakeSMC in S/L/E. Works ok with GPU acceleration but still some artifacts, no biggie.
    The problem is I deleted FakeSMC from S/L/E to have a clean injection through Clover. Now I'm unable to boot from the systems Clover EFI (AppleTyMCE panics, but I have the IOAHCI patch in Clover to support the MacPro5,1 definition). A USB stick with the exact same config.plist can boot the system just fine. How can this be?
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    Thanks man!
    Btw, do you know by any chance if there's some command to DropDSDT during boot?
    I hope you lose all your shoes and have to wear crocks.
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    I totally agree. The integration in the bios with Clover together would make it perfect. The NVRAM problems is kind of solved. I can see in different guides that Ozmosis is an EFI bootloader, in essention the same as Clover. Therefore, having the cloverx64.efi and trying to integrate this would be the next step. The shell is implemented as well, but I think it's not as easy as adding a module made of Clover?
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    The case of my future Mhack Pro, no need to go to Lian Li anymore.