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  1. Hello everyone, I' m looking for an WLAN dongle which is recognized as an original AirPort Card. Can anyone help me out ?
  2. Internal kyboard and touchpad of laptop don't work

    Hello again, I found out why I couldn't login: because I left the keyboard and mouse connected on the USB ports during shutdown. In the morning I rebooted with -v and bootloader on my hard drive, and I could login to my Desktop. What works: 3D acceleration Ethernet Battery Plugin in the Panel with % displaying (current 45 %) Spotlight also works AppStore ( I downloaded XCode) Webcam ---------- What doesn't work: Wifi ( I expected that because in the thinkpads.com forum he had to install an other Wifi pci card) I will use an usb wifi dongle. Bluetooth ( It doesn't work anymore.) Internal Keyboard, Touchpad and Trackpad ( for now, I'm using USB Keyboard and mouse) ---------- Not tested: VGA DisplayPort Expresscard SD Card reader
  3. Internal kyboard and touchpad of laptop don't work

    Here is a list of everything I did since my last post: 1) Reinstalled ML 10.8.2 to the hard disk. (bootflags -v -x) 2) Rebooted with bootloader on usb to my new install with bootflags -v -x (otherwise it would hae stucked.) 3) Installed Chameleon to the hard drive (the version that he provided in the thinkpads.com forum) http://forum.thinkpads.com/viewtopic.php?f=32&t=105334 4) Copied Kext Wizard, Chameleon Wizard and DSDT Editor into /Applications from the hard disk. 5) I copied all kexts inside /S/L/E/ into a new folder on my desktop , as a backup. 6) Started Kext Wizard an installed all kexts from "Post Install"/Extra/Extensions/. (Post Install.zip can be downloaded from the forum.) 7) Recreated Cache with Kext Wizard. 8) Made a new backup of all files in /S/L/E/ to a new folder on my desktop, so i had 2 different backups. 9)Copied DSDT.aml and SMBIOS.plist from "Post Install"/Extra/ to /Extra/ from my hard drive. 10) I created my own SSDT.aml like he said in the forum. I have the same as he (i5-2520m). 11) Opened DSDT Editor and imported the file, then IASL & Compile , and saved as /Extra/SSDT.aml on my hard drive. 12) I executed the 2 perl commands he posted in the forum. 13) Launched Chameleon Wizard and set options: GUI enabled, Time Out 5 seconds, System Type:Laptop , Use Kernel Cache , Generate P-States, generate C-States, dropp SSDT (so that I can use my own one), Restart Fix 14) Launched [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] and installed Intel E1000e (driver for my ethernet card) 15) Started Kext Wizard again and created new cache. 16) I typed following commands: sudo chown root:admin / this worked. sudo kextcache -system-prelinked-kernel this hasn't worked because I booted in safe mode (-x sudo diskutil repairPermissions / After this I wanted to reboot, BUT: when diskutil was about 70% my laptop powered off due to low battery. I haven't noticed this because there was no battery icon in the top panel 17) I recharged my laptop. 18) After my laptop was charged fully, I tried to reboot without my usb stick. 19) It didn't work because of "Still waiting for root device"(only when without -x). That was also on my first install of ML, I reused the perl script I got from Internet. It patches IOAHCIBlockStorage to delay its start by 200ms. (this perl script is for sandybridge motherboards, and it worked for my laptop)- i booted with usb stick bootloader to hard drive, and executed the script. (while safe boot) 20) reboot, bootloader on usb, hard drive ( -v) 21) have done all commands in the .rtf you provided 22) reboot, -v only from hard drive 23) 3D acceleration worked! 24) something broke login after next reboot, i forgot for now, i will post if it comes to my mind, sorry i have to go to bed.
  4. Internal kyboard and touchpad of laptop don't work

    I can boot into the disk if I use the bootloader on my installation USB drive. This should also work, I think. I will try it After School, thx!
  5. Hello everyone, during my install of Mountain Lion 10.8.2 on my laptop (signature), the keyboard, touchpad and trackpad worked fine. Even when I fixed the install, when booting with bootloader on USB to the new install, it worked. But when I reboot without the USB installation media, I come to the login screen, but my keyboard, touchpad and trackpad don't work anymore. So it must have been one on the Kexts, I think. I copied all kexts with contained PS2 in their name froom /E/E/ (usb boot stick) to /S/L/E/ (hard drive) and rebuilt the kext cache, because I use Kernel cache to speed up my boot process. I installed it as proposed in this forum: http://forum.thinkpads.com/viewtopic.php?f=32&t=105334 I decided to set my UEFI/BIOS to "Legacy BIOS", so I replaced OSInstall and OSInstall.mpkg by the ones provided the link to osx86.net . I did all he said in his first post, but I used Kext Wizard instead of Kext Utility. (I would prefer to do this in Terminal, but I don't know how to use the command kextcache correctly.) Please help me how to solve this problem. Maybe I just need the correct PS2 Kexts.
  6. Introduce yourself.

    Hi everyone, I'm qwertzuiop258 and I joined the hackintosh community because I'd like to set up OSX Mountain Lion on my Laptop. (x220 , i will edit my forum signature soon.) I have experience with GNU/Linux. I consider myself as an experienced computer user with more knowledge than an average one, but I dont know everything. I'm in school for a last year, then i'll go to university. I live in Austria (it's the small country to the south of Germany), please forgive me if you don't understand me. X220 12,5" QM67 i5-2520m Sandybridge mobile 8GB ram Dual-channel 1333mhz Intel 6205 (this probably won't work) wifi (bgn??) 1366x768 internal display, VGA, DisplayPort 3x USB 2.0 ExpressCard 54 Bluetooth VGA Webcam (Chicony Electronics) Ethernet Intel 82579LM Gigabit card reader SDXC/MMC Ricoh PCie Audio Speaker: Conexant (??) My main problem is: during installation keyboard trackpad wtc. works, but not when booting from disk. (this annoys me) Since I come from GNU/Linux, I have no fear towards shell scripting, terminal commands etc. I prefer those utilities in contrast to GUI Apps. happy hacking