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  1. Vaio users black screen after boot

    I'm using ML2 After playing a little, all is ok but the fan is a little bit noisy...
  2. Vaio users black screen after boot

    WOW !!!! It's working !!!! The internal screen is working nicely !!!! You are a genius jl4c ! I hope you will explain one of these days how you solved this very old and frustrating problem for vaio users with nvidia chip... For people interested in my configuration, I have a Vaio (model VPCF11C5E with nvidia GT330m) and I'm using chameleon boot loader with GraphicsEnabler=1 and the dsdt provided by jl4c above (file ludof.zip). I placed the dsdt.aml file in the /Extra folder and it's working immediately after reboot. Nothing special in my configuration. Now, I gonna to play with my new Hackintosh... Thanks a lot jl4c !
  3. Vaio users black screen after boot

    Hello It is really a good news that Vaio internal screen is finally working. This is a very old problem (4 or 5 years old ?). Congratulations jl4c ! I have also a Vaio : VPCF11C5E GT330m nvidia CPU core i5 This model is very close to the one of Alexei. Only HDMI output is working. jl4c, could you please have a look to my DSDT ? I attached dsdt, lspci, ioreg and edid files. Thank you dsdt-ludof.zip
  4. Sony Vaio VPCF115FM Discussion: DSDT Injection

    Did you try this dsdt patcher ? http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=133683
  5. Sony Vaio VPCF115FM Discussion: DSDT Injection

    Hey, Some posts report that they have qe/ci with full resolution on the external screen and black screen on the internal screen. These observations suggest that the gt330m graphic driver is working (it does a good job for the external screen). Is it possible that a wrong configuration value concerning the internal screen is given to the driver ? If not, could you please explain me what could be the mechanisms (or some directions) that a driver working for the external screen, does not work for the internal one ? LF
  6. Hey, I' m running 10.5.4 leopard but I need to set cpus-1 at boot otherwhise I can not boot (computer reboots instantly). My processor is a core dual E5200 but only one core is shown in leo specs info. Board : AsRock Model : 4coredual-SATA2 CPU : Pentium Dual Core E5200 (no OC) at 2,5GHz Video : 3DClub 7600 GT (AGP) (VEN/DEV : 0x02e010de) I'm using the latest bios (2.10) : http://www.asrock.com/mb/download.asp?Mode...SATA2&s=775 I would like to flash my bios with your mod bios to solve my problem. Thanks a lot in advance. LF
  7. IDvd, IMovie, Garageband crashes

    Thanks mschilling for this report. You are right, my computer is quite old. Still, since a lot of things are working (except some rare features of ilife 08 !), I wonder if some guys can successfully use ilife 08 with a hardware and system configuration close to mine.
  8. IDvd, IMovie, Garageband crashes

    Somebody with a 10.5.2 leopard system with a SSE2-only cpu (Pentium 4 3,06 GHz for example) using idvd08 without any problem ? Thanks for your report Leopard 10.5.2 with 9.2 sleep kernel CPU : Pentium 4 3,06GHz (SSE2 only) Mother board : Asus P4P800E de luxe Memory : 4*256 DDR RAM Graphics : nvidia 7600GT AGP - QE/CI activated
  9. IDvd, IMovie, Garageband crashes

    Thanks mschilling. Could you please tell me if, in garageband and precisely in magic band, you can go to the audition page and load instruments without crashing ? This information could help me to find my problem... Anyway, anybody using Ilife08 without crashing ? with SSE2 cpu and 10.5.2 leopard system ? (I mean not only successfully lauching applications but using it intensively as for example creating a dvd with idvd with success) Thank you for your help. LF
  10. IDvd, IMovie, Garageband crashes

    Thanks for your replies. 2 toolshed : my graphic card is QE and CI supported and these two features are set to 'yes' in System Profiler 2 amantheboy08 : my processor is only sse2, could it be the reason of so many crashes ? For GarageBand, in the console window, I noticed the following messages when I launch this application : 17/05/08 23:01:02 GarageBand[902] Invalid IFPkgRelocatedPath found in /Library/Receipts/GarageBandFactoryContent.pkg/Contents/Info.plist 17/05/08 23:01:02 GarageBand[902] Invalid IFPkgFlagDefaultLocation found in /Library/Receipts/GarageBandFactoryContent.pkg/Contents/Info.plist Are these messages normal ?
  11. Hey, My system : - Intel Pentium 4 (3GHz) - 1GHz DDR2 RAM - Nvidia 7600GT (AGP) graphics card - Leopard : IAtkos 10.5.1 + KalywayComboUpdate 10.5.2 + Kalyway Darwin Kernel 9.2 (sleep kernel) + NVIDIA driver from http://scottdangel.com/blog/?p=21 - QE an CI are enabled - all updates from Apple have been performed (leopard updates + ilife updates) System is nicely working except for ilife 08 applications which reproducibly crash : - idvd : all is working except when I try to build a disk image of my project. idvd crash precisly during video encoding (for example during video encoding of transitions between photos). If I do not put transition effect between photos, all is working - imovie ; all is working except when I try to export my project in QuickTime format (video encoding problem again ?) -GarageBand : crash reproducibly during instruments loading when I choose Magic band and after clicking audition button QuickTime is nicely working for my DivX videos but after a while (I mean randomly), I can suddenly get a crash.... Do you have any idea ? Could it be a kernel problem ? or graphics driver problem or a memory problem ? or what else ? Thanks a lot LF
  12. Low xbench results (10.5.1)

    xbench score is low and my leopard graphics interface experience is really slow... anyway, thanx to all I gonna to update to 10.5.2... LF
  13. Low xbench results (10.5.1)

    really no idea to increase graphics performance in Leopard ? Should I update to 10.5.2 ? or downgrade to Tiger ? thanks
  14. Hey, My USB Epson color 720 is well recognized by Leopard 10.5.1 but when I send the command to print, nothing happens, the printer does not react. The printer manager opens, I see the job which completes after a while, but the printer does not print. Why ? Thank you for your help LF
  15. Hello, I have successfully installed leopard : all is working, even my graphic card with QE and CI enabled. But my xbench results are quite bad. Is there any trick to increase performance, maybe an update to 10.5.2 ? Here are the xbench results summary : (see attachement for all details) Total = 57 (without disk test) I get only a score of 25 for the User Interface Test ! Quartz Graphics Test : 54 OpenGL Graphics Test : 97 Thanks a lot for your sugggestions. LF Intel P4 3GHz Geforce 7600GT AGP Memory : 1024 Mb Monitor Dell 2001FP