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  1. Man the stupid freaking quizes to post a reply here. I got Mountian lion working on the Acer 8940G. Here is what ya need to do. First look for on google Acer 8940G bios mod you need to get the mod.rar file it contains a custom bios that allow you to edit things in the bios. Under PCH controls you have to disable all PCI express power management stuff. Also make sure to set dvd to boot too the iatkos which seems to be the only version that works. It will now allow you to install Mountain lion takes some time but works. After you reboot it will reset all settings in the bios so youll have to rememeber to set them back to what I said above only this time set HD to boot. Now it will start loading but the graphics will not work. Reason for this is iatkos sets the Smbios to a MacBook Pro 3,1 it needs to be 8,1 to boot. Boot iatkos in single user mode and mount the root directory. cd to extra and then nano smbios.plist Change the 3,1 to 8,1 save and reboot. Same goto bios make sure settings are correct. After that it will boot into Mac OSX 10.8.2 but a few things I have not figured out how to get working yet. The keyboard and touch pad will not work, USB mouse and Keyboard will. Wireless is a no go but if you use something like a airlink 101 USB adapter it will. I'll keep trying differnent things to get touch pad working and keyboard but for now I'm very happy it works.