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  1. Ciao a tutti! Come da oggetto, cerco una optibay per poter montare un secondo hd all'interno del mio macbook pro! Qualcuno la vende? Ciaoooo
  2. Superjul, thanks for you replY By the way.. Following your hint...updated to 10.6.5, added my id in ATI4800controller.kext, booted with GraphicEnabler=Yes and...just works O.O! I see the ripples on the dashboard,so i should have QE/CL working, the resolution is the right one (1920x1080@60hz) and now also the video ram amount is the right one!! But wifi card is still dead! So...not solved the wifi issue (that should be so easy) but solved the gfx issue (that shouldn't be so easy) ! Isn't it funny?
  3. Hi all! I'm going mad re-installing OsX on my Hackintosh...i have an Asus p5kpl-am MB, an e8500 cpu, 4gb ddr2 800, some hd,and...finally..the beast... An ATI HD4850 as Graphic card -.- My hackintosh was running well with my old nvidia 9400gt, but it was too crappy to play even with simpler games (hey, i want to play Angry Birds ), so i said "Ok! Let's buy another card"...i found this bargain and bought it...taken a look on the forum...yeeeeah! It seem's i can make it work! -.-NO! ....but..... D'OH! First problem, there is SO MUCH guides that it's not easy to understand which *really* works... i use an iATKOS dvd to install the system, that works fine for all except the VGA =/ The only problem that i have is that my wifi card, a pci atheros one, even if supported,doesn't works (or..to be more precise...it has worked the first time i installed iatkos after the new card! I mean working fine, detecting networks, surfing internet and so on. But nothing more, after the first reboot. ) [the card works fine in Windows]. Honestly that's not a problem for me, my wired eth card works fine also, so i have network connection! I just said that in case this could inficiate some way my tests with VGA! i tried all the enablers i've found, all the patch and so on...maybe i have to try some particular combination of them but...could please someone give me a hint? I'm italian, so if someone needs the traslation of this post to help me, just ask