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  1. ALC889A pin configuration

    Hello, any update on this issue?
  2. Hello, I ask your help regarding a possible pin configuration for the Apple Macbook Air 1,1 (Early 2008, A1237) microphones under Linux. (I know this is a bit different from what you do here, but still your knowledge of Apple kext, etc. might prove useful.) I put Linux on this machine, and everithing works fine, except for the microphones (the external is connected via a TRRS iphone-like jack, the internal is built in, near the camera). I know (from http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/220090-alc889a-pin-configuration/?do=findComment&comment=1554954 ) that OS X does something at node 0x27=39, which I don't see at all: so I'd like to ask you if you know possible pin candidates to be the mic on this machine, and possible coeff verbs or GPIO, etc. one should try to feed the codec, or maybe if in this case it is a node virtually implemented in the driver: anything you might know to make mics work under ALSA and Linux. Thanks and best, Nicolo' a link: http://superuser.com/questions/646470/microphones-not-working-on-apple-macbook-air-1-1-early-2008-a1237-under-linux
  3. Hello I need to understand better how Apple OS X handles the microphone pins (both external and internal front mics) on this MBA1,1, in order to make them work under linux+alsa In particular, there is this `.plist` which I don't understand very well: [code=auto:0] <dict> <key>MicAttributes</key> <integer>28</integer> <key>MicInfo</key> <string>Sampled on rising edge</string> <key>NodeID</key> <integer>39</integer> <key>PinConfigDefault</key> <integer>2426405136</integer> </dict> [code=auto:0] Since I'm trying to set correctly the mic pins for this ALC885 under Linux, and I don't have a node at `0x27=39` (at least not that hda-analyzer sees), it's not surprising that if I send the corresponding verbs to `GET_CONFIG_DEFAULT` I don't get anything.As for the sampled on rising edge, I don't know how to use this info. Does anyone know how Apple handles this, e.g. if they have a node virtually implemented in the driver, or does anyone happen to know about vendor-specific verbs like COEF setup or tweaks in the driver level (mostly provided from external file)? More data on the general problem here http://superuser.com/questions/646470/microphones-not-working-on-apple-macbook-air-1-1-early-2008-under-linux?noredirect=1#comment848412_646470