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  1. CJP2, I'm glad the firmware worked for you ! Regarding the DOS bootable CD/USB drive, I just gave an example in my post (the first that came to mind). You can, however, use any DOS bootable tool that suits you better. The point of my post was in building and providing, for everyone interested, a working 0.951 firmware (AHCI and IDE versions). I haven't seen any other successfully functioning package out there yet...
  2. AHCI gives you NCQ and hot swap, compared to IDE mode. So definitely AHCI recommended.
  3. Hello, guys ! I've just registered in order to give you the latest firmware for the ASMedia ASM106x PCI-Express v2.0 (x1) to SATA 6.0 Gb/s add-in card, version 0.951. I compiled it myself from the station-drivers.com site. Here you go: https://mega.co.nz/#!IpMnUZCB!cF_tFleAJNEIYVhjMtalbXHAmvpsVvx6IcPPKibWZgI or here: http://www.freefileh...net/106spi24dos You need to unpack the folder on a DOS bootable USB stick and boot into DOS (you can use Hiren's Boot CD, for example). Then change directory to the 106spi2.4_DOS folder. If you want to update to 0.951 in AHCI mode, run AHCI0951.bat. For IDE mode, run IDE0951.bat If you want to go back to 0.95, run AHCI.bat or IDE.bat. After the update completed, shut down the computer and start back up (power cycle). You should be on 0.951 (press any key to see the ROM version). From my findings, 0.951 boots quicker and has better performance. *Note 1: For those wondering how did I do it, I took the 106spi.exe updater package, version 2.4, from tonymacx86.com and took the 0.951 bin file from station-drivers.com and made the necessary modifications to transform it into a rom file. *Note 2: Personally, I'm using the OWC Accelsior M (PCIe to mSATA) add-in card, with an ASMedia ASM1061 chip. *Note 3: This package is NOT the Option ROM (OROM) for any motherboard BIOS (for that, one would need to integrate the 0.951 bin file from station-drivers.com into the BIOS OROM package, specific for each motherboard). The firmware I'm giving you here is ONLY to be used for an add-in PCI-Express to SATA (or mSATA) card with ASMedia ASM106x chipset. Hope this helps ! KrypteX