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  1. Have anyone tried the latest bios updates from MSI? I see there is a version 1.2 for the G33M 7357 motherboard at MSI. Can someone report how the latest bios is working with OSX86 /Kainil
  2. G33M Install problem

    I am trying to get OSX working on a MSI G33M motherboard (MS-7357) with no success. When booting, the computer hangs at "using xxxx buffer headers and xxxx cluster IO buffer headers". After some research, I am guessing that my problem has to do with "IOATAFamily.kext". The chipset on my motherboard is G33 and ICH9R from Intel. I see some people here have successfully used the Gigabyte G33M motherboard, and maybe this will be my alternative too... Any hints to what I should try to do is appreciated. I am currently using (only relevant parts listed): - Uphuck 10.4.9 v1.4i R3 - MSI G33M (MS-7357) - Core2Duo E6700 (2.67ghz) - 3 GB DDR2 800mhz RAM - kainil -
  3. how to use pax archive

    You first need to use 'gunzip Archive.pax.gz' Then you can use 'pax -r -f Archive.pax' to extract everything in the .pax file. use google and search 'man pax' 'man gzip' 'man gunzip'. hopefully you will find the help you need for packing of files... -kainil-
  4. Manually unpacking?

    How can i unpack mpkg and pkg files manually without using the GUI? I want to manually install a new kernel and manually install the kext files via my linux installation. Is this possible? -kainil-
  5. Can't boot installation dvd

    I am getting a similar problem. The installation stop just after the buffer header messages. I am using the MSI7357 G33M/ICH9R motherboard, with Sata DVD and Sata disks, AHCI enabled. Any hints and help appreciated! /Kainil