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  1. Alienware M17xR3, will it blend?

    dude, i'm trying my ass off 2 get lion/ML working on my alienware, but seems graphic cards really stuck, if u got any idea or break through, let me know ~ thx
  2. Thanks so much indeed for ur advice, Mr. Super, i'll re-edit my post again.
  3. I got a major issue here which has been bugging me for like a month. it's killing me. Pls check out my attached System Info. The problem is, no matter what kind of solutions i used via Google, it just won't work, neither of my Graphic cards is working, the resolution stuck at 1024 x 768 forever. i tried intel HD 3000 graphics drivers, manually change Dev ID within the info.plist and all, totally in vain. Would sb pls enlighten me here ? Many thanks. My laptop is Alienware M17x R3, it's under my signature here, u could check it out~