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  1. !!! Wow that was bone headed of me. Wingrunr I'm installing on an xps 1530 with the T7500 Processor, 3GB of RAM, 256MB 8600, and the intel PRO wireless 3945 card built in. Am I leaving anything out there?
  2. Hello all, Recently got tired of fighting Vista, had original tried a dual boot with no luck. So I found iATKOS v4i with 10.5.4 Anyone tried this yet? Twice now I have received the no disk after restart and then the third time the bootloader just decided to give up. If I need to go track down an older version I will but I'd rather not give up on leaping directly to 10.5.4. Any insight would be appreciated!
  3. irongaijin

    10.4.7 IOnetworkingfamily.kext

    Thanks so much!!!
  4. So I finally got 10.4.8 up n running on with the Gigabyte GA-965P-DS3 but of course the networking is not working as I went straight to 10.4.8 and never bothered with 10.4.7 does anyone know where I can get the 10.4.7 IOnetworkingfamily.kext? Or does someone perhaps have it that they could send me?