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  1. Hello Everyone! I'm new to the whole osx86 scene and a week ago I decided to start installing Snow Leopard on my machine. After a couple of days of testing and struggling I finaly managed to get osx fully updated to 10.6.8 and have graphics and sound working as well. Now browsing around the web I came accross the sinetek kernel to run osx in full 64bit mode. After reading all about it I decided to just test the kernel without patching anything. I was very surprised to see it working at the first try! Trouble begins when starting apps like itunes which doesn't work. And others like firefox will start but freeze up. I read about patching apps and with the amd insn patcher. I also read in one of the posts up here that I should patch my dyld, libSystem.B.dylib and quicktime components. Now my question is should I patch my dyld etc.. to make everything work or can I just patch apps separately? I don't want to risk having kernel panics again especially because my system boots perfectly fine with sinetek and bootflags: arch=x86_64 busratio=16. My system specs are: AsRock 870 Extreme 3 AMD Phenom 2 II X6 1090T MSI Radeon HD 5970 6 gb Ram I hope someone can help me.