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  1. Hello everybody, I am experiencing some very frustrating behavior from my 10.7.2 Lion Hackintosh, and I have no idea how to approach the problem... any help would be greatly appreciated. Some background information about the system: Gigabyte z68XP-UD3 Intel Core i7 - 2600k 16GB Corsair memory (2x8GB) Gigabyte HD6870 Seasonic x750 Power Unit Dell 3011 + Dell 2412 monitors connected via the two Displayports Operating System on a Intel 80GB Solid State Drive Data, including "user home" on a 2TB Seagate Hard drive Another 1TB + 500GB old hard drives used for random stuff Time Machine backups on a Hitachi 3TB drive Wireless Apple Keyboard and Trackpad connected via a Belkin Bluetooth dongle (inserted in one of the Dell 30" USB ports) Installed last spring following a tutorial found online, using ###### and then ######. The system is recognized in About this Mac as a Mac Pro, early 2008. The problem: Kernel panics. I cannot find any single common element between the different instances when it happens. Sometimes it's just one hour between two kernel panics, sometimes the computer does not have any problem for a week. Lately it seems they are becoming more frequent though, hence I decided it's time to fix this. It's not temperature related (I checked temperatures) and does not happen more often when the computer is pushed (in fact I had a kernel panic while the computer was totally idle). Can't tell if it's a software problem or a hardware problem. Have no idea how to diagnose the kp. I did try to read up on the forum but with little success. Any help would be greatly appreciated, because I now fear I might just be losing the patient (as I said, the kp seem to become more and more frequent). I am still on 10.7.2 because I was working at something very critical and I really needed to minimize down-time risks. But ideally I would like to go to Mountain Lion now... but I do not understand if it would likely help solving the KP problem or instead make it worse or more complicated to diagnose... Sorry for the noobness, it's my first OsX system and have still little capacity to troubleshoot it.