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  1. @nothgiel, please let us know if that solution works for you.
  2. I am trying to boot with Bronya's rc3 kernel but my system keeps restarting, which SMBios should I use? And can you share SMBios information too? I am booting with chameleon. I could never make clover work for my system. I tried npci=0x2000 nvda_drv=1 // npci=0x3000 nvda_drv=1
  3. @spakk Thanks for the information, I installed the attachment you gave, now I get "unable to find driver for this platform acpi..." error and even if I replace the original kexts back from Windows it won't boot because I can't repair permissions from Windows, however I can boot to my USB Installation for Yosemite and I can use the terminal there. Is there a command that I can use in terminal to rebuild cache and repair permissions?
  4. I am using 10.10.5_SSEPlus_V3 with npci=0x2000 nv_disable=1 parameters on a freshly installed Yosemite and updated with a combo update to 10.10.5, and I can see the login screen but when I try to login it just does not login and the spinner spins forever, what could be the reason? PS: My CPU is FX-8150 Edit by spakk: for FX-CPU, you should install the content of the package (replace kext (cache Yosemite AMD)) , then boot with: -f -v kext-dev-mode=1 npci=0x2000 nv_disable=1 and check where the system remains hanging. it would be appropriate if you can write your hardware specifications in your signature , then we could better respond to your question. replace kext (cache Yosemite AMD).zip
  5. Thank you for helping me these all sound scary to me as I didn't even heard those before except clover and chameleon parts, I will try, I hope I can do it
  6. Are you talking about this? It is page 6, it didn't grab the texts to quote, I don't know why.
  7. How can I fix this grey screen freeze with spinning cursor, I have r9 290, I added ids in amd8000 and x4000 kexts, it recognizes it, i get full resolution but it is always stuck at login, I tried yo.zip, rc6, rc7, basically most of the kernels listed here, installed latest FakeSMC but still... I just can't fix that grey screen freeze problem. Any ideas?
  8. Hey, is this the latest stable? and what is system.kext for and do we actually need to put it, I have fx-8150
  9. [ML 10.8.3] AMD Radeon 6850 1GB F****** artifacts

    I exactly have the same problem any help please?