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  1. Hi everyone! I just installed iATKOS distrib (10.5.1), and I have the Sapphire Ati RadeonX1950Pro 256MB PCI-E (7280), so I installed the LEO 10.5.1 driver for id=7280 but when I reboot, the sreen become dark just after the Apple logo O_o' It's the first time I have an issue with a Bronya driver....or maybe it's because of Leopard? Any ideas?

    Ok j'ai finallement réussi a installer Léopard avec iATKOS, sur ma P5W DH DELUXE, avec l'EFI. tout marche nickel. D'ailleurs le dvd iATKOS charge BEAUCOUP plus vite, mais je préfére de loin l'interface de celui de Kalyway (background.....) Par contre pour l'install de darwin, ils disent de se fier aux infos du disk utility MAIS attention car je me suis fais avoir et darwin m'a bousillé une partition de 500go pleine de documents O_o' (heuresement que j'ai pris l'habitude d'utiliser le soft TESTDISK pour réparer les erreurs RAW et compagnie....) Il manque le son et le wifi pour la P5W mais bon ça se régle vite fait après l'install^^ Est-ce que je peut utiliser PAcifist sur la distrib de Kalyway pour mettre mon install en français? En tout cas bravo a tous ceux qui ont aidés a la creation de ces 2 super distribs Et merci a Dune pour les infos du BIOS car sinon je serais encore a me prendre la tête xD

    Salut! Alors voila ma config: ASUS P5W DH DELUXE INTEL C2D E6400 ATI RX1950pro 256mo J'ai gravé l'iso depuis Tiger avec Toast Titanium. J'ai 2 disques: 1: SATA, Windows Vista 2: IDE, Tiger A l'installation j'ai effacé la partition qui contient Tiger, j'ai choisis le drivers wifi et son, et l'efi mbr. L'installation se passe bien, je redemarre, mais quand je selectionne mon entrée Mac crée avec EasyBCD qui marchait nickel avec Tiger, rien ne se passe, j'ai juste "_" qui clignote en haut a gauche de l'écran. Je pense avoir le meme problème que Dada482, mais je ne peux même pas booter avec le dvd. Une idée? Autre chose: si je ne lance pas l'installation sous Tiger, en cliquant sur redémarrer puis après booter sur le dvd, mais que je boot directement sur le dvd, juste après la selection du language l'installation plante pendant la préparation!! O_o' Vraiment je n'y comprend rien^^ j'espère que mon problème peut etre résolu sans réinstaller léopard parce que sinon il va me falloir réinstaller tiger avant.... xD Merci
  4. Hi everyone! Is anyone using Keynote with the Bronya's drivers? Because when I quit the slideshow the mouse is replaced by a blinked horyzontal line and it's quite boring xD The only way I found to fix this problem is to restart..... I've the Sapphire x1950pro 256mo with CI/QE fully working on 10.4.10 Any help? thanks!
  5. Hi mac.nub! It seems to be a fantastic job you've done! I'm on my way to download it but I'd like to know how to turn the system language in french after the installation? Maybe I could extract the french language from the Kalyway distrib, but I don't know how to proceed Thanks for your help Edit: I've just seen your screenshot, could you tell me what's the theme you applied to your finder, 'cause I've found it pretty good looking
  6. Well, let's hope Bronya will solve that problem soon
  7. Hi! Now many buils of leopard have been released, I was thinking if someone know if it natively suppport the x1950pro?
  8. Sorry I forgot to mention that :s My vidéocard is in PCI-e Exactly Nadeem :glare:
  9. Hi everyone! I have the Sapphire x1950pro 256mo (id=7280) and DVI works! All I had to do is to install the Jcool package for Sapphire x1950XT and next I installed the package of Bronya by replacing files in the extensions folder. It works quiet perfectly, just some trouble with Keynote when I exit the preview and some display bug at screen, always on the mouse area, but it's not very important Hope it will be usefull for someone. Thanks Bronya for your awesome work! (JaS 10.4.8 + JaS combo update 10.4.9 on Asus P5W-DH Deluxe) Edit: it's a PCI-e videocard
  10. Adobe Photoshop Crashes on Launch

    Never mind! I forgot to play the included video ..... bye!^^
  11. Adobe Creative Suite cs3 crash

    Download the "anti-crash" for CS3 on the green demon and play the included video to know how to proceede
  12. Adobe Photoshop Crashes on Launch

    Hi matemago! By "crack" you mean "anti-crash"? Because I downloaded it at the green demon but I can't make it work Could you tell me how to use these anti-crash? Thankss (and sorry for my english :s)
  13. Thankssss Bronya you're my herooo! Now ci & qe work fine and I can use my favorite app! (Toast, ...) My LCD dysplay is plug as DVI so I don't understand your 'not supported'.. well it's work anyway xD thanks you again and again! PS: And what about the compatibility with x1950 series in Leopard? byee
  14. Bronya you're an angel!! I try your method immediately and I tell you the result
  15. Hi! Does anyone know how to get qe/ci fully working on Sapphire x1950pro 256mo ? thanks