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  1. Hi All I've now managed to get Sierra 10.12.5 installed (Optiplex 790 i3-2120 HD5450) using the legacy method and the 790 DSDT & config files. Its working well but I do have two problems:- 1) It goes to sleep but wakes up with no video. 2) It will only boot using the nullcpumanagement kext, if I remove it I get a kernel panic (see pic). Do I need to create an SSDT ?? Can anybody help with this ? I been trying for 3 days to sort these problems with no luck. Thank you
  2. Hi I'm having problems after installing Sierra, I'm using an OptiPlex 790 (A15) + HD5450 (Legacy boot). I created a USB install using the following options with Clover 3998. Install in the ESP 790 DSDT & config and the rest of the settings as per the guide. I can get to the install sierra page fine, although I can only select the disk utility if I change the language (strange!). I can install macos sierra without any problems but when it reboots (using the USB installer) I cannot see the newly installed sierra partition in the clover boot manager I can only see the USB installer. First time I've ever had this problem, does anybody know what I'm doing wrong ? Thanks