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  1. Many thanks, but I've copied your unzipped dsdt.aml file in to the Extra folder, but when I then go to Display properties, I still only have 1024x768 available
  2. You're dead right - I updated the video drivers & it starts up to 10.6.8 just fine, however I can only set the desktop to 1024x768. My monitor goes much higher than this, so can anyone please point me at the graphics card driver I need to use? I am using the onboard GMA950 graphics.
  3. 10.6.3 is now working perfectly. I have two 10.6.3 partitions. However, when I do the 10.6.8 update on one of the partitions & then remove the chocolate kernel & install the legacy kernels, when I reboot it just hangs on the grey screen with the swirly at the bottom. I then tried running MyFix (by booting off the non updated, 10.6.3 partition) but I can't seem to get the 10.6.8 partition to start up. Please help - I'm so close to getting this finished!
  4. OK, I've started again from scratch with a retail DVD All went well and it now boots up but after the loader screen I just get the blank grey screen. I see there's instructions for this on page 2, but it says to boot to the HDD installation using the CD, however it won't boot in to the install Any suggestions please? UPDATE Installed 10.6.3 perfectly using the guide but DIDN'T amend the DSDT file. Ran the MyHack, & the GX620 boots perfectly in to 10.6.3, from the HDD. However, when I update to 10.6.8, delete the ChocolateKernel & install the LegacyKernels & reboot, it hangs on the apple loader screen (with the swirly at the bottom). It does this irrespective of whether or not I do the DSDT edit. Please let me know what I'm missing here? Thanks
  5. That's cool - I can get the Dell up & running on OSX using the boot cd. Not having used a Mac for years, can someone please advise what software I need to convert a DMG in to a bootable ISO? Many thanks
  6. Many thanks for the reply/ I have 2 images of the retail disc, a .dmg & a .toast. They're both sufficiently big that they require Dual Layer DVDs, so I can't experiment by using re-writeables. I burned one of them to a DVDR-DL but the disc isn't recognised as bootable after booting off the required boot cd, although they CAN be read once in OSX. Any advice on how I can burn these on a Windoes 7 PC please?
  7. Trying to install Snow_Leopard_10.6.1-10.6.2_SSE2_SSE3_Intel_AMD_by_Hazard on to a USFF Dell GX620. 2.8GHz P4 I have followed the instructions up to & including **This is a good time to run myFix1.3, eject your boot CD and restart. After I reboot I get an error screen as per the attached photo. Can anyone please advise what I need to do? many thanks UPDATE>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> I have since installed the 10.6.8 update & legacy kernel by booting from the cd rather than the hdd. All went well & now I don't get the error message on startup, however it doesn't complete startup & just hangs on a plain grey screen. HELP!