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  1. REQ Help for Elitebook 8460p DSDT

    I did as you suggested, however, in my setup there were 7 SSDT tables I just chose the first one. I am really trying to get sleep to work, and battery icons to show up. (voodoobattery does not display a battery.) Attached are the unedited bin files. acpi_dsdt.zip
  2. [Guide] ML on HP Elitebook 8460p

    Thanks for the writeup. I am trying to do this with my 8460, but I need a couple pieces of information. 1. What tool did you use to edit your DSDT? I have alot 200+ unresolved objects. Should I just add external declarations for all of them? 2. I am trying to go straight to 10.8.2 should I have any issues? 3. What are your boot.plist options/settings? Thanks!
  3. Can Someone please help me patch my dsdt? I am getting a ton of erros mostly (invalid object errors) when I try to compile the code... I am simply trying to patch the HPET so I do not get a HPET panic when I boot. Any help would be appreciated, and advise on how to do this myself would be great too. Thanks in advanced. DSDT.zip
  4. [UEFIPatch] UEFI patching utility

    I can patch the bin inside the cab file, but My HP Elitebook 8460p won't let me load the bios because it needs a signiture match. Any ideas? ROM.zip