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  1. Hey guys, My iPad 2 16GB has died, leaving me in a pinch. I used it very often, and being without it now will certainly be uncomfortable. I'm not in a financial position for a new iPad, so I thought perhaps if someone here has another iPad 2 16GB they were willing to part with I could possibly purchase it, or a 1st Gen iPad Mini 16GB. I'm not looking for the newest or sexiest, I just need a device that works, without costing me an arm and a leg. Not that I expect anything for free, but if I could replace it without killing my bank account that would be nice. Thanks folks!
  2. I really want a Lambourghini Aventador, doesn't mean I'll have the $600,000 for one I'll look into the pro books, thanks!
  3. Ah the problem with eBay is whether you use eBay.ca or eBay.com; I'm in Canada so I have to use eBay.ca, and the results for Dell 1011 on that one are much worse, most people want up to 250$ for one, and to be honest that seems steep for a discontinued netbook.
  4. I have read mixed reviews on the N150; some said the screen was a little low-res and that it choked on 720p YouTube videos, yet others said it was fine; how do you find it? Plus I thought the N150 didn't have proper video working in OSX? Hi, thanks for the link! I've been thru that list a few times, that's how I settled on these netbooks, they seemed like the cream of the crop
  5. Hello all, Lurked the forum for a bit, been trying to get my hands on a netbook to run OSX. Been a bit of a run-around trying to find a decent one that someone doesn't want an arm and a leg for, thought I'd try the good folks here. After much perusing the web and reading, I've settled on a few different models with which I would be happy; Dell Mini 10v Asus Eee PC 1000HE HP Mini 1000 Lenovo s10 (Although I'd like it with the 6-cell battery) Samsung n310 (Side note: That raised "Samsung" logo is hideous) Asus Eee PC 1201NL I'd be happy with any of those, although my top pick would be a Mini 10v. I've been driving myself mad trying to find them on eBay, so I thought I would try here. If anyone has anything, I'd love to see it! Thanks!