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    G5 mod elmustachio

    Hi guys, Time for a quick update. Hope you're all doing fine. Today I grabbed my new and first dremel and started cutting the case of my new Ocz-psu. As you can see now, the internals all fit nice and easy in the G5's enclosure. Isn't that nice. Thank you guys for getting my on route with this!!! Untitled by throw1n shapes, on Flickr What was really cool, actually,is that after a bit experimenting with soldering I managed to get the original fans spinning again! woohoo. Defenitely need to pick up some isolation tape to cover things up nicely. I didn'y know what to do with the yellow wire. So I just left it untouched. Finally I'd like to share with you guys that I recieved my backplate and mobo tray combo today. Can't wait to start installing the goodies. I will follow the true insanelymac advice: measure twice, cut once ;-) Have a nice weekend! Cheers
  2. Mustachio

    G5 mod elmustachio

    Nice! I'll try it and follow your example on this. Thanks for posting your pic, now everything seems a lot more clear. Of course I'll clean out the 'almost vintage' dust that is piled up into the G5's psu enclosure. Going out to buy a dremel of some kind tomorrow. The yellow wire is important when keeping the original psu fans? Do you have to connect it? Where did you connect it to? I know they might be noisy, like WTT said, but I'd prefer giving it a try at first. Once I have them running I can swap them by some quieter onces afterwards. And start looking into the 7v reducer. If I know where to find one here. I think it's great that now I am thinking about giving soldering a try and start cutting into the G5's case soon.
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    G5 mod elmustachio

    Hi, Here's some pics of the stuff I received last week. Yes this is the beauty I am working on. some goodies arrived So thanks to the advice of you guys I opened my new PSU case and tried fitting in into the G5 psu case. It's a close fit but it will fit! I detached the original 135 mm fan. Still i am about to order two new 60mm fans to replace the original ones. The original 135mm fan is connected with a 2-pin molex connector to the psu. I'd like to know if it's possible to connect 2x60mm fans to this 2 pin connector? If so, can I just connect (solder) the wires from two fans together at 1 cable and connect this to the 2 pin molex from the new psu? This week I should receive the backplate-kit.... exciting! Thank you for your input/comments, guys. Very intresting and usefull. Greetings....
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    G5 mod elmustachio

    hi bonestonne & WhatTheTech, thank you guys for your advice and input. I already knew WhatTheTech's work btw . I am following your build log with great interest. Today I had a little time left so I continued on this little project of mine. I finally managed to get the top shelf out. That wasn't very easy! I had no Torx 8 so I couldn't go on for two days....That blower/fan combo in the top is really something cool don't you think... bonestonne, I like your idea of rewiring the original fans. Or some of them at least. I will try to find the correct molex connectors and check out what those fans have to offer in undervolting @ 5v or 7v. Again a new challenge... Concerning the tower cooler, I think it is best to wait a bit with those things. I am waiting for the LaserHive kit. When it is installed I will have a better view of what space will be left. (ps my psu fan is 135mm, if I only knew... :-) I'd gone for an 80mm version. Thanks for confirming on 660ti an i5 choices. I never overclocked a cpu. But I was thinking, why not try that out some day as well? So I am going for the K version. It that angle I'd like to keep good cooling options in mind. As far as mounting the PSu goes, I am not sure what I must do. Top-mounted is safer, and I will not lose guarantee. But how routing the power cable to the bottom of the case? This can be messy cable management. If I had more knowledge of electronics I definitely would go with WhatTheTech's idea of mounting it in the original G5 psu case. I have the 2 original intake 60mm fans. Can they be re-used? And will 2x60mm move the same amount of air as the Ocz's 135mm? How about connecting both of the 60mm's to the psu pcb when my new Psu only has one 135mm fan? (Must be a dummie question, i know). I already borrowed a soldering station and some other needed stuff to try it. Now I just need some guts and actually do it. In the top of the case is a small card glued with double sided tape, as well in the bottom on the inner side of the case. Are these cards in anyway interesting to keep? My guess it's some bluetooth or wifi thingy? Goodluck with G5modders.com it looks great and a great resource for us! Again, thanks guys and see you soon.
  5. Mustachio

    G5 mod elmustachio

    Hi guys, I never put together a computer myself. I never even thought about doing a case mod myself. But this forum was such an inspiration i couldn't resist any longer and just had to give this thing a go! I will try to update and keep you guys posted of any progress. I am not a native English speaker, so hopefully my english will not be all too bad. A few weeks ago i got myself a G5 case with a dead mobo. It was 50 euros. And in an overall good condition. Not too many scratches :wink2: . I still have all the internals if there's anyone who needs a mobo/processors/HD drive... i give them away, maybe they can help a real G5 to survive. I stripped the case down and now I am reading and enjoying the worklogs of many great mods that have been posted on insanelymac.com. I'd post some pics here, but i guess everybody knows what a stripped G5 looks like. from mr. BlackCh (on this very forum!) i ordered the front i/o cable, and i am expecting it to arrive pretty soon. This guy is really helpful and fast to order from, i recommend. from the laserhive i ordered the mAtx conversion kit + mobo tray. Today i ordered an OCZ modxstream 600w psu and a dvd-burner (LG). I stripped the original PSU housing and was considering to place the internals of my new PSU in the G5's housing. But i am a bit uncertain of electronics getting to hot or just doing something dangerous. So maybe i'll be putting the OCZ psu in the top or bottom in its original housing. In fact i am still not sure about how getting this done. I also got 2x92mm fans http://tweakers.net/...m-pwm-92mm.html to install them in the back of the G5 to keep things smooth and cool. currently i am looking at asus' Maximus V gene mAtx board, a 3570k i5 and asus' gtx 660ti. Don't know yet how to keep the cpu cool, i will have to see how much space i have left and how i can install intake fans. Do you think this is a good way to go? If anyone has good options for mounting fans in front of the case, or can confirm a top-mounted PSU is ok in terms of heat/temperature, i am interested to read about them. Thank you guys and until next time!
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    Introduce yourself.

    hi everybody, i am mustachio from brussels, belgium. have a 2008 black MB with some small updates (ssd, +ram). i really enjoy reading this forum and hope to learn more from you guys. i have a G5 case and am thinking about starting a hackintosh project. with dual boot for gaming. (i like the laserhive mobo tray. So i'll need an matx board i guess. Cpu i5 3570k.) cheers! El M.