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  1. X1650 vs X1600

    I have an MSI Radeon X1600Pro, and it works flawlessly via the boris method, but you can only get single display working (on either DVI or VGA, not both)
  2. The Official SATA thread

    SATA is working fine on my machine (specs in sig)
  3. JaS 10.4.8 Questions

    Thanks for the info Rammjet. I have SSE3 support, so I should be fine. I think I will try installing 10.4.8 fresh on a spare hard drive and play around.
  4. JaS 10.4.8 Questions

    Hello all, I am currently running my hackint0sh happily with everything working great for several months now (sound, onboard lan, QE/CI, etc...) however, I have been unable to install a couple applications, since they require 10.4.6 or above. Also, I have two displays connected to my video card, one via DVI, and one via VGA -- currently, the OSX boot screen will come up on both of them, but the VGA display will go blank when OSX boots, and I get output on DVI only. I would love to be able to use both DVI/VGA and put both my monitors to good use! I know some of this So my questions are: Will I have any luck of getting dual displays working on a fresh 10.4.8 installation? Are any major applications broken / not working right inside of 10.4.8? Does anybody have any information about how I can determine what kexts / kernel I am running currently? (I simply installed off of the DVD I acquired and never thought to look) Thanks for any help, and I apologize if any of these questions are answered in other threads in this forum -- I have been doing alot of reading about 10.4.8 but I cannot find any definitive answers about my dual displays question.
  5. question for intel 915gux mobo users

    This is a little late...but I have had the problems with random restarts on this motherboard. I have a pentium 4 670 processor...and I had no heat issues or anything like that....HOWEVER, after disabling Hyperthreading, all problems seem to have disappeared.
  6. JAS 10.4.7 install dvd

    so is it really worth it to upgrade to 10.4.7 from 10.4.5 then? I installed using one of the maxxus iso images a long time ago and I have been using osx as my primary os for almost 5 months now...I would hate to hose my fully working osx machine by trying to upgrade if there will be no performance or software gains... (I am running on an intel P4 670, D915GUX mobo w/ onboard intel Grantsdale graphics, and everything except the onboard gigabit networking is fully supported) I got the JaS dvd, but I thought I would check to see if upgrading would be worth it... any help is appreciated
  7. This is a custom built PC that I no longer have a use for. The specs are as follows: * Processor: Pentium 4 670 (3.8Ghz, HT, EMT64) * Motherboard: Intel D915GUX * RAM: Kingston HyperX 1GB 240-Pin DDR2 533 (PC2 4300) Dual Channel Kit * Hard Drive: 80Gb Seagate Barracuda (SATA, 7200rpm) * Optical Drive: Pioneer DVR-111D DVD±RW Dual Layer * PSU: Coolermaster 380W * Case: Coolermaster Centurion Micro This machine runs well under OSx86 with full graphics support, however, it does not have a video card installed (it has onboard Intel Grantsdale graphics). Throw in a PCI-e x16 video card, and you have a very nice, quiet, small gaming machine, or a very powerful osx machine You may check out larger pictures on my image gallery: http://images.pyrospheric.net/v/users/drac...azaar/p4system/ <edit> looks like my image gallery isn't working...you can see thumbnails, but thats it...working on fixing it :/ </edit> I am looking to get $800 for the system, however, I might be willing to deal a little, or even work some trades in -- let me know, either via a PM here, or via email to: draconius@pyrospheric.net cheers!