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  1. Software Piracy

    I didn't read the entire thread, but I noticed it seems most people have embraced the word "piracy" and variants(pirating, etc). I won't go so far as Richard Stallman, and replace it with "sharing", but I think he's got a valid point in rejecting the term piracy. Theft of software, violation of copyright <> attacking/plundering a ship, it's a massaged propaganda/Madison Avenue spin to make the topic sexy. I support copyrights generally, never was a Napster music downloader, but frankly, why on Earth would anybody want to steal 90% of the music and movies clearchanneled at us the last several years, apparantly many people do, but I don't see exactly how that empowered Microsoft as Sherrif Malware the Copyright Ranger;) Just yesterday I had to explain to a couple twits the reason their "Operating System?" was twitching out was they'd been flagged as suspected "pirates" and argh, that's why your video playback has been downgraded matey... And point of fact they had stolen complete {censored}, so I guess it's justice???????? Not really, and if Microsoft had any class, they'd have at least recommended a good book via the player screen instead of leaving these idiots wondering what's wrong with their malware...I mean "Operating System." I haven't installed OSX yet, but the argument that it's infringement is rather weak. What's bootcamp? Parallels? How come VMware and Virtualbox honor Apple's "rules" regarding only server VM's, yet YOUTUBE gets to do anything it wants and pick and choose what it censors? That's a fair use embed. I found this thread searching powerpc, was curious if anybody had fixed Java and flash(if Sun and Adobe would patch their tag team effort, these machines would still be viable) and I'd rather use them than live with the machine I'm about to image. I'll post some questions about VPro AMT and out of band remote management soon, please reject the term piracy, call it theft or any other thing it really truly is, or consider balancing it out by adopting similar charged language for cartel mal-behavior: did you know all computers with SATA controllers have Digital Rights Management? If that's news(I learned it last week), you should really read up on Advanced Host Controllers, Ashcrofted is the best label that comes to mind;) Orwelled? We were told DRM was going to be an annoyance type of collective punishment like FBI warnings on DVD's you PAID FOR ALREADY. Did you know it's being implemented to watermark/track your intellectual property? You're not supposed to.... Oops;)
  2. Permanently Banned From Tonymacx86

    They wouldn't let me log in even once. I signed up there before I found this place, and they activated the account, but wouldn't let me log in. "The best I can do for you is send you another password." Another non-working password. Were they afraid I was gonna chroot in there? Must have thought I was somebody they knew, or someone who knows more than I do, it was peculiar; the non-response response from the mod: felt like a Paultard at the RNC;) Here's your microphone, it's turned off but you can talk into it all you want, best I can do for ya New Hampshire;)
  3. Introduce yourself.

    Howdy everybody;) I came here looking for info and kexts for a Latitude e6400, and general info. I'm still reimaging/updating windows and evaluating my hardware for some possible upgrades, and the TPM/ AMT architecture gives me the vapors;) I bought this machine for parts(bought 3 dead laptops for $75;) and I finally "took ownership" of the TPM a couple days ago, gaff taped over the camera and mic;) This machine is creepy, but I'll save that story for another installment;) It'll likely be at least a few more days before I do any osx experiments with this thang, but thanks for the forum, I'll be around pretty often probably(might be a little slow on replies if I get any today, have an array of other projects cooking...so please don't bother I just wanted to say hi, and I'll try to post some interesting questions when I'm ready to. Gotta go build a trailer for a big (really huge) dog house I let a friend dump here...was gonna convert it to a chicken coop...just need to wheel it around back right now before code inforcement takes an interest in it;)