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  1. Unable to open BootCache.playlist

    Bump. Anyone?
  2. Unable to open BootCache.playlist

    Hey guys Specs: Gigabyte 880GA-UD3H AMD X4 955 BE 4GB DDR3 AMD 6870 I recently got a new SSD and SATA DVD drive so I could finally switch over to AHCI and try once again to install OSX... This time I tried Niresh's distro, and it has gotten me further than any other distro. I use the "amd" command to use the amd kernel in his distro and it gets pretty far... It stops at this, though and does not go any further...I've waited 10 minutes sometimes and it doesn't do anything. I have tried tons of different BIOS settings, and boot flags (-x, -v, GraphicsEnabler=On/Off) to try to get this to work, to no avail obviously. I am burning all of these distro's to DVD's because my Gigabyte motherboard isn't happy booting from USB (as is the case with most Gigabyte mobo's). Any ideas? Thanks guys, Elliott EDIT: I also just tried to do the boot flag "Kernel Cache"=\amd arch=i386 which was recommended by Niresh on a Facebook post that I saw...then I get this error:
  3. I actually noticed that it will say "Starting Darwin x86", and then it reboots!... I have also tried with IPC's distro...still same problem.
  4. Hey guys I'm following this guide and am having some problems. My specs are: Gigabyte GA-880G-UD3H AMD Phenom X4 955 BE 4gb RAM IDE DVD drive Brand new 500gb SATA HDD AMD 6870 Okay so I have tried installing OSX using two methods. 1) modCD with OSX install DVD, 2) Hazard's AMD Intel ISO. Here's the results...computer always restarts @ Extentions.mkext! I am able to get to the screen where it asks if i want to hit F8 to enter boot flags or just start. I have tried boot flags such as "legacy_kernel", "-v", "-x". UPDATE: I finally got Hazard's distro to boot on VirtualBox using busratio=18. I then tried to do this on my actual computer and the screen always gets stuck at this, no matter what boot flags are inputted. As you can see, both methods are failing at loading Extensions.mkext! Here's another pic on the exact one that it fails on using modCD and OSX install DVD... Any idea how to get around this? I've tried every boot flag I can think of...even at the same time: "-f -x -v graphicsenabler=no busratio=18 cpus=1", and still restarts... Thanks, Elliott