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  1. You makes me feel like I am talking to a Mac only person and you should post in PURE MAC Forum instead of here and trying to use hacked OS( I assumed that you can't afford the Apple Mac premium). I post here because that I feel like to have an alternative to OS X and MS OS. Yes I am using Ubutu for my daily computing on my Laptop(6 month old) as PERMIENT OS and I am happy with it.
  2. I'd like to say something off topic here. I tried 10.4.3 on my $499.00 Dell laptop with SiS chip which is 100% faulure rate to get it run natively. Then I managed to make it run under VMWare and it just not better than running XP on performance wise. I then tried Linux distribution Ubuntu (http://www.ubuntu.com) which is my perminent OS resident now in my Dell laptop and it can do almost everything I was doing when I was using XP on the laptop. What I like to say is that there's 3rd option other then MS or Apple OS and yet Linux did come a long way to be compatitive on Desktop computing arena. The ubuntu distribution evnen let you intall it on PPC Mac. From a econamic and usability point of view I would like to say that Ubuntu Linux is a very strong candicate for those who seeking alternative OS other than MS. (Best thing is, Ubuntu is FREE for everyone to use it legaly) My next projet would be installing Kubuntu on my kids Celeron 300MHz PC. I'd like to say this would be a free upgrade since linux runs much faster and smoother then XP with the same machine. If one knows way around OS X I'd like to say it wouldn't be too hard to get hand on linux after all they all share the same UNIX legacy.
  3. I am having the same problem trying native install under VMWare. I checked the contents of Generic-Tiger.iso. There's no extentions at all under /use/library. What else could cause the problem. ***** Found where my problem at the following paragraph explained it. I was mounting ISO image as VMWare CD-Rom which might be the problem to cause I/O error. I will try to use physical DVD to intall then let's see what happened. Sounds like your hardware is not supported. Try swapping out the CD-ROM with another drive. Your machine booted far enough to load various files from the CD, but not far enough to read the HFS+ filesystem metadata. "hfs_mountroot failed 5" means I/O error occurred. Shantonu On Sep 7, 2004, at 8:48 AM, Indira Estacio Moreno wrote: > Hi I am trying to install darwin 7.0.1 in my pc but I > have any issues. > I burnt the CD and reboot my PC with the CD inside > it, however the following message is shown in the last > lines: > > BSD Root: disk1s1s2, major 14, minor 8 > hfs_mountroot failed 5 > nfs_boot: networking is not initialized failed with 6 > panic(cpu 0): nfs_boot_init failed with 6 > Debugger called <panic> > ethernet MAC address: 00:00:00:00:00:00 > ip address: > waiting for remote debugger connection > kdp_poll: no debugger device > > I don't have any idea about this error. > > > _________________________________________________________ > Do You Yahoo!? > Informaci?n de Estados Unidos y Am?rica Latina, en Yahoo! Noticias. > Vis?tanos en http://noticias.espanol.yahoo.com > _______________________________________________ > Discuss mailing list > Discuss@[...].org > http://www.opendarwin.org/mailman/listinfo/discuss