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  1. 10A402a software update

    Add the string "Kernel Flags" and giving it the value "arch=x86_64" to /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/com.apple.Boot.plist ricola do you repair permission after adding flag? with Disk utility?
  2. 10A402a software update

    yes. mac book Air 1.6
  3. 10A402a software update

    System Software Overview: System Version: Mac OS X 10.6 (10A402a) Kernel Version: Darwin 10.0.0b3 Boot Volume: Macintosh HD Boot Mode: Normal Computer Name: Сергей Кропотов’s MacBook Air User Name: Сергей Кропотов (Ork) Secure Virtual Memory: Enabled 64-bit Kernel and Extensions: No Time since boot: 2 minutes ANYBODY HAVE STARTED kernel IN 64bit mode??????
  4. look like safari and all system became slowly
  5. Dear Friends, Could you please advice the name of update 10.4.10 that is work on Sony VAIO UX 280P. Now I use JAS 10.4.8 SSE2 SSE3, PPF1 PPF2 Thank you in advance
  6. NeXT, anyone?

    I have NeXT Cube - 8mb RAM, 700MB HDD, NeXT Step 3.2
  7. Question about Quicktime

    Thank you Danyel! It's working!
  8. Question about Quicktime

    Hi to all, I have one problem: At home, I have Home network with Windows Vista computer in it. Vista have shared Disk (300 GB), where I store my movies. Question: Is it possible, to make that Quicktime (FrontRow) on my Mac Mini, looking for movies not only in local Movie folder, but on shared disk on my Vista? Thank you beforehand!
  9. Intel Wireless driver

    jalavoui Hi! Thank you very much for your work! unfortunately uploading files to forum is failed. here the link to archive with status files http://rapidshare.com/files/39776510/3945.sitx.html My configuration Sony VAIO UX 280P, OSX 10.4.8, 3945 card. Led doesn't turning on, I can't receive net list. Waiting for new wersions! Best rehards, Sergei