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  1. Macbook or PC Laptop

    Just received my Macbook (2.0GHz Aluminum). I love it!!!
  2. Macbook or PC Laptop

    Does the new macbook really worth the extra £300 compared with the black/white one?
  3. Macbook or PC Laptop

    Thanks a lot for all your advice. I've been running Mac OS X on my desktop PC at home. The laptop will be mainly for work, although some at my workplace use linux and Mac, we cannot do without Windows (VBA macros for our Word templates won't work on Mac version of MS Office). The solution has been vmware server (free for linux/windows) and parallels (for Mac). I'll mainly use the laptop when traveling and meeting, so need a laptop that is small/light and sturdy. There may be some interoperability issues in a windows dominated (business) world (in which I'm working). I also suspects that performance may suffer when running windows application via vmware/parallels on the same hard drive (bare in mind that laptop hard drive is already slow e.g. 5400rpm - which is often the bottleneck of performance). This has not been an issue for my hack (Pentium D820 3.0GHz - everything works, but I do have to find a hacked kernel everytime a major update arrives).
  4. I have a budget of around £1000 from work to buy a laptop. Some of the work I do will have to be done in Windows environment due to the MS Word macros we use. The question is: should I go with the latest 13.3" Macbook (Aluminium) with Windows XP installed through boot camp or as a virtual machine via Parallel/Vmware, or go with a business laptop like Dell Latitude E6400, Lenovo Thinkpad T400 or Toshiba M10-10I (and play with Mac OS X on it)?
  5. Lost Leopard Partition.

    Have you tried TestDisk tool - it's included in Hiren's Boot CD?
  6. TimeMachine fails backup

    If you don't get "_CFGetHostUUIDString: unable to determine UUID for host. Error: 35" in your log or when you run some terminal command, you should be alright and your time machine should work (try partition your TM drive with GUID scheme and reselect the drive for TM after done the patch).
  7. TimeMachine fails backup

    I finally got the time machine working by using the following patch: http://rapidshare.com/files/68864781/IONet...-_581_.zip.html It didn't work after the first reboot, I almost restored my IONetworkingFamily.kext as I did with many previous IONetworkingFamily patches. It worked when I rebooted for the second time. I believe the UUID error prevents Time Machine from working. You can check if you still have UUID errors by grep UUID /var/log/system.log
  8. It seems 'com.apple.quarantine' attribute is set for all the files contained within a kext. Have you tried this: sudo find AppleSMBIOS.kext -exec xattr -d com.apple.qurantine {} \;
  9. /com.apple.Boot.plist not found !

    If I wait for the DVD installation message time out, I'll get this error message. If I press F8 before it times out, everything works fine - don't know why!
  10. Mac OS X 10.4.10

    "iMac Mac OS X 10.4.10 Install Disc 1" - I know it's for real Mac and that's what I want... Could someone with a demonoid account download the above torrent and send it to me please (assuming that I can download the file although I can’t download the torrent file itself)? Many thanks in advance!!!
  11. Hi there, Has anybody got the OpenVPN client TunnelBlick working under 9A527? Thanks
  12. I installed JaS 10.4.8 and updated to 10.4.10. Login window was patched (with 10.4.4 one) to address the "About This Mac" problem. Everything works fine but I noticed that the Login window crashes occasionally: when boot up, the system won't reach the login stage - use -v flag shows login window app crashed. Usually a restart would solve the problem. I know netkas' AppleSMBios.kext solves the "About This Mac" problem. How do I get back to 10.4.8 or even 10.4.10 Login Window app? Thanks!
  13. Differences between Mac OS X and Unix/Linux

    Thanks a lot everyone! I had been a Linux (Red Hat, Ubuntu) user for a couple of years (on and off). I liked Linux very much and I even tried to use Ubuntu as a working environment for several months and finally decided it's not working. The biggest problem is MS Office (esp. Word) - the company I'm working for use a lot of in-house templates/macros - I found that I had to spend lots of time during the day in vmware. Recently I switched to hackintosh and I used it for working (MS Office 2004 is very much similar to MS Office 2003). I found it's a much better solution for me (I like linux/unix, I can still use MS Office). I had a vague idea about the relationship between Mac OS X and FreeBSD, but many things are not the same in terms of configuration as in Ubunut Linux - and I believe that you can do more advanced configuration in your OS X with better understanding of the underlying Unix-based kernel part of the OSX kernal - that's the reason I started this topic.
  14. Precisely, drive access takes time, which is very relevant for BT downloading (lots of read/write). If file downloaded is on the same drive as the vm, that would affect the vm's performance, right? I have a vm purely for downloading and shared among different OSes - so I can continue downloading regardless which OS I'm in. I also have a vm purely for work (when I need to access MS software).
  15. I heard that running a vm located on a different HDD would improve both host and guest OSes' performance. Now if I'm running a vm purely for downloading (e.g. utorrent), I won't save any downloaded files within the vm - I would need to create a share between host (e.g. OSX) and guest OS (e.g. windows) to save downloaded files. Putting the share folder on yet another HDD would be the best solution (performance wise), or would it? If I only have 2 HDDs, what's the best configuration? Thanks!!!