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  1. Graphics - No GPU Power Management

    I use a Kepler (GTX650 OC), the GPU frequency will stuck to 1.2GHz after preview a picture. This issue has been found since 10.8.2, after upgrading to 10.9.2 yesterday and the issue remains... only restart computer helps..sleep won't help...
  2. Graphics - No GPU Power Management

    No luck with 10.9.2 update, every issue remains...
  3. thank you so much, I tried official driver from asix website many times, I also tried to modify kext by myself, but no luck at all... with the kext you provided, the asix adaptor now working...
  4. GeForce GTX 560Ti weird behaviour

    Hi, I use a EVGA GTX 650 as graphic card, and have exact same issue. the frequency load at full speed at random time [see my post here] how did you change the "display sleep" without " related to machine sleep", I changed it through system preferences, and the "machine sleep" also turns off... I tried your method(turnoff display sleep), but it won't solve my problem.