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  1. x700 PCIe Pro Help... Getting CI/QE enabled?

    i have added my id to the 9700.kext and replaced the FRAMEBUFFER (i think) with the CallistoFB, i think it has something to do with "patching" it properly, i can choose resolutions with callisto, but cant get ANY patching to work for QE/CI
  2. Radeon X700 256MB AGP

    im also in need of help here, with callisto drivers i can get resolution but i can never get kovergs patch to work!
  3. x700 PCIe Pro Help... Getting CI/QE enabled?

  4. I can get resolution fixed, and i can get the OS to recognize my card with the callisto drivers (3 and 8) but I cannot for the life of me get CI/QE working, and it makes my graphics feel like VGA {censored}! I have tried many ways to either boot to a blank screen, boot to a screwed up screen where i cannot do anything, or do nothing at all. does anyone have a guarenteed fix for this?
  5. [How To] X800 XL set up with working Display Manager and QE/CI

    Can get resolution choice with this, but for a pcie x700 pro (DID: 5e4b) still no CI/Q support! Anyone elese have any ideaS?
  6. p4 3.4 HT only showing up as 1 core? help?!

    Okay I opened up Activity Monitor, and sure enough two guages where there. I was just under the assumption that it should be that way, my apologies! Thanks for the speedy replies.
  7. x86smd, any idea why my p4 3.4 HT processor only shows up as a single core and processor? is it cause i do not have 10.4.9?
  8. I have a p4 3.4 HT with JAS 10.4.8 installed. finally got audio and internet working. still trying to get a proper fix for x700. Cant run anything cause of the gfx. However, From what i have seen my processor should be showing up as 2 cores, why is this not happening? any suggestions help? thanks!
  9. Question about graphics card

    im also in need help for an x700 to work!
  10. X700 and other PCIE ATI Radeon finally work

    Hello, I have tried your patch for getting the x700 ati 256mb device id 5e4b to work. Everytime i try and edit the ktext and save it and then repair permissions, i boot to a blank screen having to full format again. do you have an easier "how to" step by step or even a single file that will do everything for me im running JaS 10.4.8 (i think) my device id for my PCIe x700 pro 256mb is 5e4b any help?
  11. Okay I have just downloaded this puppy. BRand NEw HD (well sorta). I get to boot from the DISC. I try the Intel SSE3 cpu, and some ati drivers. Format the drive, then install, it asks to reboot and upon reboot, it hangs on the cursor. liek this: _ and its blinking that is it....... Information from CPUZ Pentium 4 550 Prescott Socket 775 LGA Instructions: MMX, SSE, SSE2, SSE3 Core Speed 3400 Mainboard: D915PBL AAC67720-301 Chipset: i915P/i915G southbridge: 82801FB BIOS: CY9150a.86a.0012.2004.0609.1806 Any help here please?