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Fabius Bile

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    Bonassola (SP) Italy
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    Case modding, War Hammer 40K, motorcycles, comics/manga, all serious stuff... XD
  1. Project AnodizeD: G5 mod

    Happy holidays!
  2. Project AnodizeD: G5 mod

    Thanks guys.
  3. Project AnodizeD: G5 mod

    Hi, i'm happy you're back This is my side pannel, made by Laser Hive: Unfortunately, it has yet to ship, and is still in England, i want it :Q______ P.S. In Italy does not exist the thanksgiving day, but best wishes to all.
  4. Project AnodizeD: G5 mod

    You can show me a picture? Sorry, but i don't understand English well.
  5. Project AnodizeD: G5 mod

    I know, but i leave the original fans, it's only a whim, and I'm not sure that I will do.
  6. Project AnodizeD: G5 mod

    Hello, sorry if I answer late, i'm happy you are ok, in Italy job and a good pay do not get along . Anyway, i have decided to open a window in the side of the case, laser hive have a kit for that. In addition to, i want liquid cooled the PSU, i don't if is a good idea, but i want to try it. Between 1 to 2 weeks, i end to work, and and I will continue the mod of the G5. Bye
  7. Project AnodizeD: G5 mod

    Small steps forward: View My Video
  8. Project AnodizeD: G5 mod

    I still have the 1° editions D&D manuals (Base, Expert, Companion & Master) unfortunately Immortal has not been translated in italian Now we play warhammer 40,000, Peter Pan syndrome XD
  9. Project AnodizeD: G5 mod

    Super vacation. One friend of mine, he play fantasy rpg live, and build weapons & armour, once playing D&D and Vampire the Masquerade, now probably Games of Thrones.
  10. Project AnodizeD: G5 mod

    Yes, probably the fan holes it's too near at the I/O's panel hole, in the Laser Hive back plate, the holes are left-most. How long will your vacation?
  11. Project AnodizeD: G5 mod

    Ah, you have moved the fan holes to left, for this reason you have cut that area. Good job and happy vacation.
  12. Project AnodizeD: G5 mod

    Very nice. I used too the laptop dvd rom adapter for my old mod (a pc in the Nintendo NES case). But in the new version i used an DVD RW with sata connection. Only 1 thing, the heatshrinks is not too long? P.S. Happy holidays if you are christian
  13. Project AnodizeD: G5 mod

    Interesting, and if does not satisfy you, you can remove it.
  14. Phunczz's G5 Homage Project

    Ok, but the cable i have posted it fit in the atx psu, the cable you have posted not fit, because have diverse pin connectors. I modding an G5 case, but i don have the original psu and use the standard atx psu, this cable serves me for close the hole in the original case.
  15. Phunczz's G5 Homage Project

    Thanks,but this cable it's ok for europe customers? This is, right: http://store.apple4less.com/Apple-Mac-Pro-Power-Mac-Cinema-Power-Cable-p/pcp-eu-a.htm ? Also I will use the original psu, according to you, if can use it, i can have some problems? At the end, it's an normal cable extension, right?