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    IntelHD3000 - ML - White tint Internal Display

    It's not a gamma issue. When I did what you described, blacks on my screen were still black and even then it wasn't the same effect. On OSX the blacks also have the 'overlay'. I have tried to reduce gamma in OSX and even then that doesnt do anything. It is as other people have said an issue with the screen where one of the panes is at 100% brightness or something. Its an issue that can only be solved with hacking the framebuffer rather than EDID edits in my opinion
  2. IDefusee

    IntelHD3000 - ML - White tint Internal Display

    Yes thats exactly the same issue I have. Ive tried making osx think its a AppleDisplay rather than an AppleBackLightDisplay via the use of an edited EDID and that did nothing to fix the problem. The problem goes away as soon as you disable the SNBFramebufferdriver, but then you loose QE/CI, screen resoloution.etc. If i tilt the screen back like you said, then it's fine. If i take a picture of the screen with my phone then you can't really see the white tint and it just looks normal. I assume that a proper EDID edit is required, however I am not that experienced with EDID editing. This may be fixable with a DSDT EDID edit (Maybe make it ignore the EDID from the display?) but I still need to have a look at that. For now, im just going to fix the vga/hdmi ports and use my laptop from an external monitor.
  3. IDefusee

    IntelHD3000 - ML - White tint Internal Display

    Im also having the same issue on a NP400B5B-S02UK, with Intel HD 3000 Graphics. I have not yet found a way to fix it other than disabling the intel hd kexts, which isn't a great soloution. My laptop does use Optimus Graphics however.
  4. IDefusee

    [AMD] Working Builds!

    10.8.2 (AMD Kernel from the first post of the mountain lion development thread) AMD Phenom II X6 1090t 8GB Mushkin DDR3 Ram MSI Twin Forzr II Unlocked Shaders AMD Radeon HD 6950 2GB (Graphical corruption and artifiacts still, but QE/CI Works on 3 monitors. You have to use the 10.8.2 6970 package from netkas.org and boot using IGP then switch over to 6950). OCZ 120GB SSD (Forgot what the model is something 3) ASUS cheap motherboard 2x maxtor 160GB Overall, it runs quite fast other than the graphical issues. 9372 geek bench score
  5. [Additional] Finally got my graphics working (netkas 6970 for 10.8.2 package), updated to 10.8.2 and copied over the kernel I was using. Now I am getting intense graphical corruption. Like on the login screen, safari (text jumbled up, chracters missing, lines all sorts D:). Any ideas?
  6. IDefusee

    AMD dual graphics 6950 supported

    Hi, I have my 6950 working on all 3 monitors (with built in radeon hd 3000 to boot and swap over vga cables). However, i can only boot in safe mode and booting in normal mode gives me a white screen on all the monitors plugged into the 6950. THe monitor plugged into the IGP shows the login screen, however after logging in it reboots. System Details: 10.8 Mountain Lion AMD Kernel (AMD Phenom II 1090t) 8GB RAM MSI Twin Frozr II 6950 2GB (2 monitors plugged in via displayport > vga [active] and 1 plugged in via dvi to vga) Im using the kexts from this thread and booting with: -v -f -x GraphicsEnabler=no npci=0x3000 PCIRootUID=0 and no DSDT.
  7. Yes no graphics distortion or anything, but I don't think QE/CI is enabled as Launchpad.etc is quite choppy and however I can still only boot in safe mode. (Booting in normal mode, i get white screen and it reboots )
  8. Quick Update . Im typing this from ML 10.8 on my pc. At the moment i have graphics working on all 3 monitors in safe mode (needs a few kexts to make it work which i am sorting out now), network and thats about it.
  9. Thanks for responding. I plugged my middle monitor into the IGP HD3000 and enabled IGP in my bios. I am now near the end of the mountain lion installer. The two monitors still plugged into 6950 show up with corrupted graphics, but at least i am nearly installed as a start . (Apparently that is normal for 6950/6970 on intel as well, you need to use the IGP for installation ). Will have a look at them kernels, post back here if i need anymore help, and if its gone successful post in the build log [EDIT] After trying to boot into the system with the same flags as my previous post it loads the kexts then immediately reboots? Im guessing this could be to do with the kernel i used (amd_kernel) or something else entirely. [2nd Edit] I hadn't copied over the AMD kernel to the new installation hahah
  10. Hi, just tried to install ML 10.8 on my AMD. However, the installer window does not load. I just get the installer grey background and that is it. Specifications: AMD Phenom X6 1090t 3.2GHz 8GB Mushkin DDR3 RAM MSI Twin Frozr II 6950 2GB (2 monitors plugged in via displayport and another one via dvi [3 screens]) ASUS M5A78L-M LX V2 Motherboard (With HD3000 built in) OCZ Agility 3 120GB SSD 160GB Maxtor HDD 160GB Maxtor HDD I booted with: -v -f GraphicsEnabler=no PCIRootUID=0 npci=0x3000. I have imaged the mountain lion installesd.dmg to my portable hdd via MyHack and dropped in the latest AMD mach_kernel from the kernel thread's first topic. Whilst booting i get quite a few SAM MULTIMEDIA errors.etc. However it boots up quite quick into the installer. Graphics output, all 3 screens show output. Left white screen, Middle grey sort of mountain lion background, Right white screen, with the mouse draggable between all three. Any ideas of how to get the installer window to pop up? [ADDITIONAL] Would utilizing the built in graphics for the installer work?