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  1. post_break

    update 10.4.6 to 10.4.8

    I appreciate the fast reply! Looking forward to updating.
  2. post_break

    update 10.4.6 to 10.4.8

    So I have this toshiba satellite running 10.4.6 and I havent touch it in years. I was wondering if I could upgrade it to 10.4.8 hoping this would fix the problem of my atheros wireless card not working along with the crappy realtek audio not working. Can I simply download the intel 10.4.8 update and install it or am I going to have to jump through many hoops to get this working? Looking forward for some help. Specs P4- 3.4ghz 1 gig o ram Atheros mini-pci wireless Realtek (95-97?) audio
  3. post_break

    Apple TV hacked

    I wonder how much a 7200 rpm drive would help in the performance.
  4. post_break

    What app are you missing?

    Im missing Hijack or whatever the new name for it is (boardwalk?). Also can I please have true XGL/BERYL/WHATEVER not just virtue desktops?
  5. post_break

    Introduce Yourself

    Hey guys and girls. My names ryan and I was introduced to this site about a year ago. I had no idea what OS X was but I was able to get it to run on my toshiba. Fast forward a year and a half I own a macbook and posting this thread. I would have to say that the x86 version of OS X molded me into a mac user. Looking forward to posting more on here.
  6. post_break

    10.4.5 Wireless Forum - LETS GET THIS FIXED!

    The commands you posted are not specific. I mean when you type that is will clearly say "no such file or directory". What is the full command?
  7. post_break

    cool background

    Tiger makes me want to vomit.
  8. post_break

    Show your computer running OS X

    wootness, it works, again.
  9. post_break

    Installed like a charm

    Not sure, I got it from a friend. It says Generic x86 10.4 so Im guessing that one. It runs perfectly. No sound, didnt find the wireless card, and the touchpad does not work.
  10. post_break

    Installed like a charm

    Yes but I GOT IT TO WORK!!!! Disabled legacy USB in the bios!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!
  11. post_break

    Installed like a charm

    Well I have browsed this site quite a bit and havent seen much on troubleshooting the OS. The OS runs but so so slow. I clicked on itunes and it took a half hour to load (not being sarcastic). I installed through a patched dvd. My computer is a 3.4ghz P4, gig o ram, 100 gig hard drive, ect. Is there anything that can be done to speed this thing up? The mouse lags and so does the keyboard. Very frustrating.
  12. post_break

    Show your computer running OS X

    Could we possibly get this stickied? I will have more pictures of my widescreen up later as I am installing again as of now.
  13. post_break


    jimmy cracked corn and well, you finish it.
  14. post_break


    That depends on what program you are using.
  15. post_break


    Its clean. Here is mine.