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    buying iphone

    Wow that sucks. AT&T has 8GB 3G refurbs right now on their website for $99 with contract.
  2. Snickerrrrs

    Apple wants to see YOU in JAIL for jailbreaking

    Can you imagine if Bill Gates said you could only install new software by going through Windows Update? On my Windows machine I've written many simple batch files to start multiple programs at the same time with one click (for example start peer guardian 2 and then utorrent). How would I do that through Windows update?
  3. Snickerrrrs

    iPhone 2G W/O Data Package

    Go into the wireless settings in your iphone and add your home wireless network, so you can browse the web, but that won't help you when no wireless internet is available. I don't think AT&T will activate your phone without the data plan. If you don't want to spend the $20 a month for the data plan, I think your only option is to jailbreak/unlock your iphone. PS: The $30 data plan includes unlimited text messages, but if you like sending photos in text messages, the iphone won't do it. It will only let you email photos. What I recommend is pay the $20 and try it for a month (that's what I did with my free 2G), you can always switch back to your old phone and drop the data plan if you don't like it. You really won't get a good feel for the phone without it. I never realized how handy having access to your email accounts while you're out and about. You don't really need GPS when you have google maps on your phone. I use the weather app every day and the world clock when I order stuff off ebay (what time is it in Hong Kong? Everythng is made in China now) so I know when my order will ship. Take the $20 plunge you won't be sorry (3G phones require a $30 data package). PS: the $30 data plan includes unlimited text messages, but if you like using text messages to send photos, the iphone wont do it, you can only email photos.
  4. Some people were able to get sound by using the aux out on the sound card. This doesn't really work for me because I'm dual booting with XP (I'd have to switch the cable back and forth).
  5. Snickerrrrs

    Newbie Configuration Information

    Is there a good place for newbies to learn about configuring OSX86? For example: I have installed KW's 10.5.2 on my Dell D9100 but I can't get the sound to work (the audio driver loaded itself after a restart then disappeared). Is there somewhere for a new to learn the basics? Like how to extract a driver from the install disk without doing a reinstall? I've tried the wiki but wasn't successful. There's lots of good info there but hard to search through if you don't know the exact right verbage. Anyways Thanks for the help.