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  1. I am trying to install 10.8.2 to this Dell Studio 1735 laptop (and yes, it has an X3100 GPU, but that's a later worry), but am getting stuck with the infamous root device loop, while booting from an install partition on the internal HDD. Now, I am not some newbie, and therefore I have the SATA mode set to AHCI, and the ICH8M (2829?) PCI ID shown using lspci is actually in Apple's stock .plist files. One thing I noticed, both when reading other people's logs/screenshots and the XNU source is that other people generally have 2 lines appearing above the 'root device' loop, namely 'Rooting via []' and 'From [], Waiting on <dict[]', which I do not see at all. It also seems to take a while between the 'ACPI system state' message and the following PCI configuration messages, and USB/FireWire drivers also seem to give a 'could not get device memory' message. I hope someone can help me with my issue, as usually my issues are way too obscure for anyone to be able to help me with them.
  2. OS X installation as a dualboot seems to commonly cause issues with Windows boot sectors - but nowadays NT6 startup repair should help mostly. In the ol' Tiger/XP days there used to be a tool for fixing some stuff in a partition after an OS X install, but I forgot which tool it was.
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    Kernel Panic AppleTyMCEDriver

    This seems to be caused by a driver that's only loaded when a wrong identification is used in a boot loader. Alternatively, you can try forcibly deleting the kext from (singleuser?) safe mode. When changing a kext, also don't forget to make OS X rebuild the kext cache.
  4. Modern chipsets don't natively support IDE anymore, and usually OS X has issues with non-native IDE. Even if it'd find your DVD drive for booting, your HDD would also not be supported. Likely solution: get SATA.