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  1. DSDT optiplex 790 bios a18

    I am just starting on this model. Can anyone confirm their success? 1. Any info on how to get the install going? 2. Any distro, or just OSX RetaIL? Any info to make this a little less painful would be highly appreciated ! Thanks!
  2. [GUIDE] 1st Generation Intel HD Graphics QE/CI

    What a thread !! The most fantastic guide in an OP that I have seen. It is EPIC to say the least !! *** The Resolution Module zip attachment is missing in the OP. Or am I just blind? Any help is appreciated..... EDIT: Yes, I am blind. Right on the bottom !!!!! EDIT: AND IT WORKS !!! Both resolution and QE/CI. GhostRaider, this is a fantastic achievement and you may add one more notch to your belt. ** Laptop: Toshiba L655-S5072 - Intel® Core™ i3-350M Processor Intel® Integrated Graphics 1366x768 (HD), 16:9 aspect ratio, Supports 720p content ,** 10.9.4 Mavericks *** Chameleon bootloader *** Did not have Ubuntu to do a reg dump. The LCD screen replacement available for this laptop shows a eDP connector, ** So first I applied the Resolution Module fix. And it worked. But I could not at all get partial QE/CI using the eDP approach....screen was always being garbled. ** In desperation I tried the LVDS approach, without bothering to remove the Resolution Module fix. AND IT WORKED and full QE/CI. So this suggest the laptop is LVDS. ** For framebuffer: Single Link --->Normal---->LCD+VGA----->LW1. ** Installed with Kextwizard, and fix permissions etc. with Kext Utility. Never bothered to remove Resolution Module or remove "GraphicsMode" flag. Also "GraphicsEnabler=NO", and still works. Thanks all !!
  3. I am unable to get A2DP audio working in 10.8.2. The basic bluetooth and file transfer are connected and fine. But no bluetooth audio services or devices seen. Any ideas to enable A2DP?? I have searched for months ...... :-( Thanks.
  4. Editing custom personalities for ATI Radeon HD[45]xx

    @bcc9: Thanks for the post, and truning me back on to try and fix my HDMI audio... I am not a techie or anything, but am an avid reader and obssessive perfectionist, so I want my HDMI audio. I dont understand a few things on your post, but for now my problem is somewhat strange. Running the radeondump I get "ATOMBios signature not found" or something similar. My XFX HD 6670 (2GB) works OOB (3 port DVI, DP, HDMI) to the extent that resolutions work, dashboard ripples, I can select 720p and underscan, and it is fully installed in my Windows 7 side (dont know what that helps for). HDMI video is great, and movies run. BUT DVD Player crashes. Cinebench gives 25 fps (??). 1. Why is the dumper not able to find an ATOMBios signature. Like I said I did not have to use any boot flags, etc. and the card just came up on the video side fine. I have not checked any other ports. 2 Also, my IoregExplorer lists HDMI as 0 - it loads the default generic framebuffer. I dont know if this makes any sense but I am a little suspicious about the ATOMBios not found. Does that simply mean that no proper framebuffer is loaded and my card is treated as "generic" 3. Kabyl's boot does not work for me since it just reboots after loading. It looks like kabyl's boot is only 10.6.8 ???? Thanks for any comments. I am at work so I do not have any pics to upload !??!!
  5. 5870 and ML 10.8 no QI/CI

    @eep357: Hi, I am also having issues with DVD player crashing on my 10.8 ML with HD5450. BUT everything else is fully working, and I have full HDMI resolution output/control - dashboard ripples, you tube video OK, facetime OK, other dvd software like Mac Blu Ray player work and Bluray discs show up. So I do not know where my problem is: I do not think its the card...but I may be wrong The only thing is DVD player crashing. I am posting the crash log: Can you PLEASE help? Thanks in advance..... DVD Player_2012-08-18-020814_Lions-Mac-Pro.txt
  6. I am dual booting 10.5.8 and 10.6.5. I had 10.5.8 on first, then I installed 10.6 on an EXTERNAL USB drive, and upgraded it to 10.6.5. Initially, in 10.5.8 (before 10.6), I did not have to use the Extension/Extra folder since everything was loading from S/L/E/. Now since after fooling around with both I have Chameleon RC3 on both. 10.6 is the first boot item on Chameleon, BUT if I choose 10.5 the it ALWAYS loads the Extensions/Extras folder from 10.6. The `10.5.8 loads with extension errors, but some key extensions get screwed because the Extra in 10.6 has some unique stuff. So how do I make the two systems boot really independently???? Why does the system default always to the Extra folder of the 10.6???? Any help, will keep me from going insane
  7. THANKS cwesthpa! Have FULL SOUND, ETHERNET, USB and GRAPHICS on 10.6.3. Thanks to your tip here on using an efi 'partition' install I got this going !!! Install on USB External HD. Not USB stick. @dillan: if u r still on this, a USB external HD saves a lot of headaches. ** For astep by step on efi boot install I used this wonderful guide by munky: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=127330 *** Installed FROM 10.5.8 already on internal SATA HD. This helped a lot I think, but the efi guide should definitely work from install DVD in -s mode. ** Used only kexts listed by cwesthpa: FakeSMC, NullCPU..., OpenHalt... in Extra/Extensions created using above guide. ** Install 10.6 and it booted up no problems. ** Use ethernet kext below to get ethernet (wired) then downloaded and installed 10.6.2 combo and 10.6.3 combo updates. ** Install graphics. ** Install audio using voodooHDA v 0.2.61 from here http://www.projectosx.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=355 All is good !! THANKS AGAIN ! and hope it helps someone. Intel82566MM.kext.zip VoodooHDA.kext_261_Snow.zip
  8. Work x1950gt pro ! Dev_ID = 0x72801002 and 0x72881002 !

    TO JAMINMC A BIG thanks to you. After agony, there is ecstasy!! :angel: Your kexts work as follow on my x1950Pro in 32-bit + res + QE/CI device id 7280 ** Put your kexts in Extra/Extensions ** Put ATIRadeonX1000...in S/L/E. (A caveat: One thing after so much fidgeting with this kext I am not 100% sure where my working one is exactly from !!! :) :P , But I am leaning heavily towards it being yours.) BUT I had to add device id to ATI1900Controller.kext to get full resolution and QE/CI. Everything else is vanilla. So if anyone else gets screen to work at basic res, adding device to ATI1900Controller may help. Without this everything is basic. NO DSDT patch, Nothing else added. Jaminmc, why is this so? AND, PLEASE I DO NOT SEE MY HD ON THE DESKTOP....I think this may just be a setting issue on 10.6.3??? since everything else I put on my desktop shows. A huge thanks again! EDIT: I used the following site ( http://www.ltooz.com/ltooz341/item/testing...os-x-1058--1063 ) to check for QE/CI function, BUT THE QE/CI DOES NOT SHOW IN "About This Mac". But the tests work. Make sense ??
  9. Not easy, never figured it out. Firstly, the BIOS menu on this compu is very restricted....most common options are missing/blocked (probably purposely, since Phoenix is a good BIOS company)...so cannot determine whether it requires BIOS setting, a hardware issue or software, though I would suspect that it is a combination BIOS + software thingy... In my opinion, this is not an ideal or even remotely ideal laptop. It is a laptop for general windows stuff, even that somewhat poorly....And we have to live with that. If someone with more Darwin expertise could check USB IRQs and stuff ?????????????
  10. OMG ! I just happened to check my messages on the forum after a long break. Sorry Thamdude & Holliz .!!!!! I do not want to think I ignored you....And thanks for confirming it works..HAPPY NEW YEAR! :D One small point..I realized that the constant restart was actually my cpu getting very hot. ++ On the M1625 the heat transfer "grease" between cpu and fan was 'used' up. Needed to re-grease the surfaces...Artic Grease worked fine. BUT, the cooling is still not efficient. I use a USB laptop cooler under the laptop. When running games, dvds it can get very hot still. POOR DESIGN!!!!!
  11. WORKING!!! With basic stuff only......But a huge step forward!!! This system works with all hardware including wireless, BUT IS STILL UNSTABLE...for some reason it still will shut down suddenly when i am browsing the internet. My VISTA install also shuts down like this....! So ......... *** I used iPC OSx86 FINAL version here. HINT: Do a google and it does not require torrent, rapidshare etc. ; -) *** I HAVE USB MOUSE ATTACHED, but ONBOARD KEYBOARD WORKS! AS PS/2. So please use USB mouse, but no need for USB keyboard. *** ABSOLUTELY GET Gparted Live CD for Linux/Ubuntu here......... http://gparted.sourceforge.net/livecd.php. YOU NEED THIS TO FORMAT YOUR DRIVE for os x detection. Burn the .iso to a cd and keep. This CD allow you to reformat the OS X side of the drive and clean any errors. It works beautifully. *** ALSO YOU NEED A USB JUMP DRIVE (THUMB DRIVE/USB STICK/WHATEVER YOU WANT TO CALL IT). A USB cd drive, or other USB hardware also works....yeah it sounds crazy right!! read later how to use this. Other versions of OSX86 also will boot but hard drive detection at OS X install may vary quite a bit. This is an untouched Gateway M-1625.....as provided by manufacturer....around 06/2008. Well...after much agony and searching here is one way to get past the "IOAPIC: Version 0x21 Vectors 0:23". This error is some sort of USB IRQ error......and the solution is so crazy that you would least expect it. 1. First, my system is a dual boot with Vista. Vista was what came with the laptop....I reinstalled it as backup. HOWEVER, feel free to try from a clean machine !!! 2. UPDATED BIOS. Dont know if it made a difference....!! 3. To get the drive partitioned etc. i had to use Vista to "shrink" the free space available and create a "disk" with free space. a. In Vista go to Control Panel --->Adminstrative Tools -----> Computer Management -----> Disk Management ----->Action>Alltasks>Shrink volume. 4. Restart and go into Bios. 5. IMPORTANT: Bios ---- Main Menu------I/O Device Config ----- a. DISABLE USB legacy support. IMPORTANT !!!!! b. LArge Disk access ---set to "OTHER". (This ridiculous BIOS is so restricted because of the setup of VISTA by Gateway it is laughable.) 6. Also change BOOT ORDER in Bios to boot from CD. SAVE SETTINGS. Reboot. 8. Insert GPARTED (LINUX) Live CD...I told you to get it!!!!. Compu will boot into this CD. The onscreen is very easy so relax and follow it. a. Format the free space you created in Vista into HFS+. OTHERWISE OS X does NOT see it ! b. A 1 MB space will be ALSO be created..just ignore that and reboot. 7. REBOOT: Oh yes....here is a crazy bit. DURIN REBOOT PUT THE OS X DVD into the drive. AND Reboot WITH DVD IN DRIVE. The BIOS likes to see a DVD in drive for it to load the DVD drive with Os x to be detected. I did this so many times but I cannot figure out a logical reason why it works. This lets the built-in DVD drive to work in OS X installation. Go figure !!!! I make sure I can hear the drive spinning at this step....then i know I'm good !! Go into BIOS again re-check settings are there and again reboot. 8. OS X SHOULD BOOT UP. Hit F8 and type -v.....for verbose boot. 9. YOU WILL GET STUCK AT "IOAPIC: Version 0x21 Vectors 0:23". 10. NOW INSERT THE USB STICK. And VOILA!! IT WILL CONTINUE TO BOOT JUST FINE. ** IF you have to restart YOU HAVE to remove the USB stick BEFORE rebooting, and insert ONLY, ONLY, AFTER - I SAID AFTER - you get the IOAPIC error....If you leave the USB stick in it will still get stuck at IOPAIC on reboot. You have to remove stick, restart and then AFTER IOPAIC insert!!! GEt it!! TIP: If you restart 2-3 times, completely power off computer and wait at least 30 secs. I have found this step clears many reboot errors because this setup is sooooo quirky. Also, if any time during install you stop or fail, ALWAYS RUN VISTA "STARTUP REPAIR" FROM THE VISTA BOOT DVD. You are highly recommended yo have to have this DVD as backup. This gives Vista its required "ruler of the computer" status during boot. 11. With iPC release the laptop boots without further errors..!!! 12. At the installer screen...choose Disk Utility Your drive should now be visible IF YOU FORMATTED WITH Gparted INTO HFS+ before, as mentioned above. 13. Format as Mac Journaled ===top choice of menu. You will not get any partition option since Vista is controlling bootloader still.....at least that's my opinion :-0 14. At install customize: a. Choose Voodoo KErnel....9.5.0 b. Chipset driver ....choose last one with SB chipset support. CHOOSE ONLY THIS one. c. Video driver: Choose NATIT ONLY. d. AUDIO: Do not remember!!!!!! Will update....Writing from memory!!!!!!!!!! e. Wireless: Choose RTL8187b...nothing else....works out of the box. Surprising, huh? f. Drivers and Patches: YOU NEED PS/2 KEYBOARD. BUT DO NOT - "NOT" - also choose PS/2 mouse. Use ONLY PS/2 Keyboard. Or it will hang. g. You need Seatbelt.kext...or .dmg images will crash your system when loaded. h. Also IOUSBMassStorage Fix i. PATCH DSDT....ONLY SIMPLE DSDT PATCH.....I did not try other ones so I cannot comment. j. I DID NOT CHOOSE ANY DIFFERENT BOOTLOADER. Don;t choose anything here default is fine. INSTALL....Everthing except audio should work. the wireless utility will load at startup. and you can connect quite easily. I have not tried Ethernet.... Please if someone can build on this and stabilize this system it would be great. I feel good giving back to the forums from which I have taken a lot...I hope this works for someone!!!!!! Will check off-n-on!!! Cheerio!!
  12. Sigmatel 9271 (STAC9271) driver

    Macinized: I can confirm this works!!!! Great tip and thanks!! x0x0 On Intel Dg965WH MB built in Sigmatel. ATI X1950 Pro. SATA drive. I first used the STAC9271 dump from a few posts above and ran it thru AppleHDAPatcher. I got no sound. But when I used the kexts and loaded with osx86 tools (free utility...ask google) IT WORKS!!!!!!!! BTW, loading the kexts BY THEMSELVES without the AppleHDA patcher thingy caused a freeze..go figure!!
  13. ---Yup. Freezes here too. Kalway 10.5.2 straight to 10.5.5 using Netkas AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement trick. Couple I could find: --Trying to get AppleHDA patched (for on-board sound) caused freeze. Best to restore ORIGINAL 10.5.5. kext. Remove ALCInject stopped freeze also. --Time Machine causes freeze...seems to be a known issue...try googling...cannot find solution. Time machine quirks can also cause programs to stick in dock....force quitting does not work!! ---Video card...qe/ci not working may cause freeze. Actually qe required for Toast Titanium otherwise would not run (known issue..fixed after qe enabled). Able to fix with Bronya's latest release for 1950 Ati series. -- ???? I have needed to repair permissions USING Disk Utility several times to get things stable. So don't just rely on terminal commands. You will be surprised what Disk Util does with ur extensions folder after you think you did a proper 'terminal' install. --One good thing. WMP54GS WiFi card always "works out of box". Some freeze issues from Apple Discussion forum: http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?t...8&tstart=75 http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?messageID=8126945
  14. 10.5.5 still waiting for root device

    I HAVE THE VERY SAME PROBLEM. Canyou please clarify - did you use the kexts from the 10.5.2 dvd or did you have it on usb stick from elsewhere??? Pleaseeeeee, I am stuck on this SATA problem!!!
  15. I have the same processor and chipset as yours. I also have a SATA that is now running quite nicely. Do you still have problems? I can tell you what I did, but your post is over a month old and wondering if you still need some input!!!! I have the same processor and chipset as yours. I also have a SATA that is now running quite nicely. Do you still have problems? I can tell you what I did, but your post is over a month old and wondering if you still need some input!!!!