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    [Guide] Lenovo B570 with Mountain Lion

    And And add too in S/L/E VoodooPS2HDA and VoodooPS2Controller After replace four extensions and install two news, launch onyx and repair permissions and optimize core system and user (kets_utility is not enough efficient). In my case, I add too in S/L/E SleepEnabler from Pack_Lenovo_G570. Now, my B570 works perfectly !
  2. nicololo

    [Guide] Lenovo B570 with Mountain Lion

    It works = Remove S/E/ replace Applehda , ApplePSRcontroller IOACPIFamily , IOHIDFamily by these same four extension included in Iatkos/Library/Extensions iAtkos L2
  3. nicololo

    [Guide] Lenovo B570 with Mountain Lion

    Hello, Install fulfilled. Every thing work except trackpad. I tried many solutions : voodoo controller, different P2. No result. Could you please provide me some advices to solve this problem ? Thanks