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    Different colours on the installation screen

    Styrian, Thanks for your reply. Indeed I thought that the problem was with my graphics card. It is not possible for me to disable the card from the bios, because my BIOS is locked, and I rather not temper with my BIOS firmware. I also have tried the different boot flags it has no different effect. I will try to remove the kexts from my install device and post my findings here.
  2. Greetings, I'm trying to install Mac OS X Lion on my Asus laptop. Specs: Asus K93SV Intel Core i7 processor (2th generation) Nvidia Geforce GT540M (1 Gb) I've also put in a second Hard disk (SATA) to install the OS. I try to install OS X Lion from a usb. I kind of hit a Road block. When the text is done with flowing (verbose) it's supossed to boot into the installation menu. Except I get a slideshow of colors. Red, Green, Blue, Grey , Different shades of Grey, black and a White. (and not this one ) And I have no idea what to do now. I've tried almost all boot commands. I also have loaded the K93SV kexts into the USB. I also loaded the kext for my video card on the USB. I appreciate the help!